The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 150

The Cornpox has disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. The strict quarantine imposed by the Torian Temple appears to have been effective, although a number of people have suggested that the pox had little to do with illness and a lot to do with intrigue. Certainly the council has shown a lot of interest. Richard Saunders has been much in evidence trying to prove himself a good Chairman of Welfare and Education by “co-ordinating everyone” whilst Alderman Monterey has been asking questions which clearly show he suspects fowl play. There have even been rumours that necromancy is suspected.

Storms sweeping in from the coast have caused flooding and damage across the Ishtan valley. Many roofs and belltowers within the city suffered wind damage and one household in Bassishaw had a very lucky escape when the old moot-Oak fell through their roof. Out in the countryside the deluge has signalled an early end to the snows, but is also likely to delay the spring planting. Earthwalkers at the Dalethian Temple are concerned by the possibility of further rains, and are meeting with Wellkeeper Shinannon to assess temple advice for the coming season. Rumours via the Cornmongers Guild say that the limited stock of the new damp resistant seed has been recalled to the Gavelkinden. The Dalethians will most likely urge a cautious approach to the coming sowing, risking a delayed harvest later in the year.

Sheriff Alison Shefford’s “Oath of Fealty” motion has been passed unamended by the council by 148 votes to 67. Notable votes against were Kate Penipot, Irving Grendle, Phillip Candever, Maureen Quiller, Marie Cripstead, Bert Belcher, William Scrut, Estelle Wynstanly, Ralf Seagrim, Gillian Howe, Eliott Anderson, Graeme Porter and Nicholas Worton. With none of the major factions voting against the motion it fell to Bert Belcher to lead the opposition; a task which he fulfilled, for once, eloquently. Openly denouncing Sheriff Shefford as a traitor who had sold out the city and her king for the promise of power, he went on to describe the motion as an oath-breakers charter. ''Did we not all swear fealty to King Kieran, have we not all fought the invaders and had friends die for the sake of this City? How can anyone who takes this oath to serve under the rule of a foreign usurper ever be trusted again? I beg you, do not force those of us who have any decency out of the council chamber – for I will not take this oath and neither will anyone else with any honour”. After this onslaught the faction leaders were at pains to take a “reasonable view”, expressing concern and reluctance but also announcing that they would be supporting the motion. Only Alan Monterey spoke strongly in favour of the motion declaring that “I am loyal to Linrodeth” and announcing that at least he would “always do what was best for the City”. This was followed up by Cllr Bever Edge who reminded people that their oaths of fealty to Kieran were forced out of them under duress. “How many of you still remember being dragged from your homes on Lord Dixon’s orders?” An attempt by Gillian Howe to delete the reference to kingdoms was defeated by 154 votes to 112.

The Mercers Guild has taken the unusual step of issuing a tax warning to the Witanmoot. A recent audit, encouraged by the Citadel, has revealed a worrying rise in declared bankrupts. The ventures failing seem to be the smaller ones who have not been able to weather the changing patterns of trade and reduced income during the war. Failures have been particularly high over the past winter, with many merchants hoping that Springtime will see renewed trade from the sea routes. The Mercers’ concerns are certainly reflected in the composition of the Witanmoot, where their once proud domination of committees has become rarer in recent years. The Grossers guild has so far declined to comment.

Strong tides and unusual weather have provided an unexpected boon for traders and scavengers along the river banks. Last sixthday saw the unexpected deposit of a hoard of silver coin along the high tide mark of the muddy banks. The next few hours became an undignified scramble as locals attempted to win their loot from the ooze. Even today there are still a few hopeful urchins digging around for stray pieces. Observers note that the coins are of recent mint and seem to be mostly of Linrodeth origin, so it is likely that this was abandoned or lost by someone fleeing the city during the Kerunian invasion. The Citadel has declined to declare trove rights, commenting that this was “undoubtedly the bounty of Esprayenna”.

Results of the Committee Elections:


Warin: Bernard Hubold, Bert Belcher, Duncan Barnett, Eva Capel, Godwin Green,

Jenny Davy, Judi Spich, Mary Hastings, Miranda Andrews, Nicholas Worton, Olivia Warin, Richard Saunders, William Trueman.

Romanie: Alan Monterey, Alison Shefford, Ann Tasker, Gilbert de Clare, Graeme Porter, Jim Bottler, Marc Bergeren, Melanie Romanie, Nicholas Bowden, Petro Cutario, Randolf Flambourd.

Lands and Agriculture:

Capel: Alan Monterey, Alison Shefford, Ann Tasker, Bernard Hubold, Bert Belcher, Duncan Barnett, Eva Capel, Godwin Green, Graeme Porter, Jenny Davy, Judi Spich, Marc Bergeren, Mary Hastings, Miranda Andrews, Nicholas Worton, Olivia Warin, Petro Cutario, Randolf Flambourd, Richard Saunders, William Trueman.

Bowden: Gilbert de Clare, Jim Bottler, Melanie Romanie, Nicholas Bowden.


Falgar: Bernard Hubold, Bert Belcher, Duncan Barnett, Eva Capel, Godwin Green, Jenny Davy, Judi Spich, Mary Hastings, Miranda Andrews, Nicholas Worton, Olivia Warin, Richard Saunders, William Trueman.

Fitz-Abushon: Alan Monterey, Alison Shefford, Ann Tasker, Graeme Porter, Marc Bergeren, Petro Cutario, Randolf Flambourd.

Rucche: Gilbert de Clare, Jim Bottler, Melanie Romanie, Nicholas Bowden.

There have been no nominations received for Lord, other than that of the incumbent Lady Ann Tasker.