The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 138

Lord Alexander Scrope's case has been dismissed by the Court of Hustings after a brilliant and concisely argued defence by Gax the Heretic. Gax, working from the King's Records at the Citadel (which are of course definitive) questioned the entire validity of Lord Scrope's property deeds, which were registered only at the Witanmoot. Lord Scrope has so far escaped with a minor fine on behalf of the King, but Yeoman Hanley, of Hanley Farm (the Old Hall), is believed to be considering recompense and may even have claim to the entire Scrope property.

The snow has finally settled over this year's Council elections. This year sees the city with three new Aldermen: Martin Key of Levestone, a popular Master-brewer whose campaign may have been enhanced by the marriage of his daughter to Master vintner Malcolm Mowbray (who also retained his seat on the council). Leonard Tholin replaces Paston Courtney who became a sheriff in the Midsummer election, as Alderman of Avigon. And Douglas du Bolay, who's campaign had the full support of the Lord Chief Magistrate, Raphael Fitz-Simmons, became the new Alderman of Arpent.

Overall the Chroniclers note a shift in the Council of more Grossers and less Mercers, whilst the Cornmongers have had a particularly noticeable slump after their price-fixing attempt of last autumn. The Chroniclers would also like to welcome the first Mason to be elected since the start of the Gelt wars, Councillor Robert Beaureli; and the youngest Councillor to be elected this year – Master brewer Carl Marc.

The Chronicle would like to offer its seasonal good wishes to those Watch members who have worked so assiduously to clear the city's major roads of the drifting snow and other debris. Although travelling, even across the city, is difficult in these snowbound days, the Watches are requested not to dump the dead paupers into the Ishtan.

The Priests of Torus seem to be living fast and dangerously these days; one 'disappeared' last month, one was summoned hurriedly and quietly to the Temple of Hahn, and yet another seen entering (and more surprisingly leaving) the Floating Market. If any of our readers are aware of what's going on then would they please write and put the Editor's fevered imagination at ease.

The Bards' College celebrated the Midwinter festival with their usual lavish banquet. Two of their distinguished patrons, Sir Roger Colleton and Guildmaster Cuthbert de Cranford, were honoured guests. Members of the College provided entertainment with the 'Epic of Antithesis', the saga of the last known dragon hunt. Fierce debate then raged along the high table as to whether any of these fabulous beasts still exist.

Notice from the Temple of Hahn:

One of the Temple Guards has been murdered by person or persons unknown, presumably in the mistaken belief that the underground workings contained valuables. The workings have now been mapped so that further cave-ins can be avoided, and will be sealed forthwith.