The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 138

There were dramatic scenes in the Court of Common Council during a debate on the city youth, when Cerern Pencric (silk merchant) launched a vicious attack on the Mercers Guild, the discipline of their apprentices, and the Morgan family in particular. The Morgan and Pencric families both lost sons during the so-called 'barbed arrow' murders last summer, and Councillor Pencric came dangerously close to accusing Grantham Morgan of responsibility for this. Amid general uproar, Councillor Morgan's comment on "hysterical females" could clearly be heard and earned him a black eye from Maud Blessop, who happened to be seated in front of him at the time. Lord Raphael Fitz-Simmons adjourned the meeting while order was restored.

When the Council reconvened the atmosphere was lightened by Carl Marc. In his maiden speech he apologised for the immaturity of his contemporaries and assured the council (amid general laughter) that they would no doubt learn from their elders and betters.

Highly reliable sources at the Citadel have confirmed the rumour that the 5th Infantry are due to leave for the Southern border "as soon as the weather permits – probably come Pipetal". It is not yet known which, if any, regiment replaces them. Along with the regiment will go Sir Gryphon Harcourt, Sir Gawain Carleon and Sir Maxemillian Talbot. They have recently been knighted by the King but cannot serve in the 2nd cavalry regiment until they have seen active service. Sir Roger Colleton is also returning.

Still at the Citadel – Sir William Ruthven required the attention of a Torian Priest after meeting Sir Alan Boece in a duel over the matter of Lady Charlotte's honour. An alleged comment by the lady about Sir Alan's attraction ("because he is the one man who has refused to marry me") may have been the cause of this incident. Lady Charlotte is the sole named heir of the Earl Brecenan and remains unmarried at the age of 26, despite many attempts to persuade her otherwise.

Yeoman Hanley is reported to have settled out of court with Lord Scrope for an undisclosed but "substantial" sum. Yeoman Hanley has insisted on bestowing a large portion of the money on the City Orphanage Fund after Gax had refused to accept any money on his own behalf.

Guildmaster Cuthbert de Cranford has been exceptionally busy this month buying rare maps from scriveners, expensive ingredients from apothecaries, and delving into ancient archives all over the city. The subject of this sudden frenzy – dragon relics?!?!

The 'Empty Barrel' in Welland has announced its intention to hold what it describes as a "beer festival". This seems to involve drinking as much beer as you can and then attempting to decide which one is the best before you pass out. Chinon assures us there is more to it than that but even if there isn't it sounds worth going to. In answer to the rumour that the Knight-Marshall had been invited to attend, a source at the Citadel told us; "If the Knight-Marshall attends it will be with a full complement of armed troops, and he won't be there to judge beers".


There has been some speculation and comment following your article last month in which you mentioned a visit by our Healer to the floating market. The Priests of Torus will administer to anyone in need, regardless of who they are or how low they may be. The belief held by many in this city that only the rich deserve care and justice saddens me deeply.

- Baylin (Temple of Torus)

Dear Sirs,

Since my favourite sport of football was banned by Royal edict, I have, as a loyal citizen, abstained from the sport. I am however angered at how the so-called sport of bugger has grown. This 'sport' requires little skill and achieves nothing but broken bones and maiming. Surely if football is against the good of the nation, this brawling with rules must be more so? I am disappointed that the King's advisers have not seen fit to bring this to his attention. Yours in anger

- A loyal citizen.

Honourable Sirs,

A copy of your esteemed news sheet has been bought to my attention. It is wrong. The term 'Kinjuru' refers to the exiles and outcasts from our glorious Empire. The term may correctly be applied to your river slum. The correct address for your Imperial Envoy is; His Excellency Zataki Takura, the Lord Keeper of the Staff, Count of Siir Marshes, Holder of the Estuary of Karachyi, Sidimaat of the Deep and Defender of the Eastern Shore – Envoy to the Court of Athion. Please ensure that a suitable apology is printed in your revered paper before the Envoy returns. He will otherwise be forced to settle this as a matter of honour.

Second under-clerk of State

Ah. Apologies honourable Sir! We trust that the term 'Imperial Envoy' is a suitable alternative to the above list.