The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 138

The first weeks of Pipetal have seen the winter snows washed away in deluge of rain. The river Ishta is still rising and the marshlands have flooded all roads out of the city except the Causeway leading north east, and the South East Road out of Oldgate. The City is becoming increasingly isolated and the River Dow is now threatening to separate Easthill and Wheathill, although the priests of Brynette have constructed several "interesting" new footbridges over the waters for the citizens use. The Wellhouse has become particularly crowded as local villagers seek refuge.

No help has been forthcoming from the Citadel whose gates have remained firmly closed "for security reasons" since the departure of the 5th Infantry last week. The turnout of citizens for the 5th Infantry's farewell was noticeable for its absence – just a few merchants were waiting outside the gate to travel south with them. The regiment departed in the relentless drizzle through a shuttered and largely oblivious city.

The death of Councillor Cerern Pencric of Marshgate ward has been announced. Her body was found in the early hours of the morning by her house servants. Reports say that she committed suicide using a dagger belonging to her late son. Neighbours confirm that Cerern, a widow, never entirely recovered from the murder of her eldest son last Heliora. The silk business will be inherited by Arianne, her daughter.

Violence flared in the long-suffering ward of Dowgate this month as vagabonds from the floating market mounted yet another raid on the local citizenry. The usually fleet and elusive aliens were this time caught out by the rising flood waters. Trapped on the narrow riverbank between a lone member of the Kings Rangers and the pursuing watch the scum were forced to jump into the river Ishta, where under the bow fire of the watch they hopefully perished.

The attackers appeared to be a mixture of Babel and Solistel, and this has rekindled local fears of a combined attack by the river scum on the City. Renewed calls for protection from the Citadel, this time backed by the Aldermen and Lord Magistrate, were met with a polite refusal. Perhaps the Knight Marshal is not as brave as his men?

Captain 'Kurt' is expected to fully recover from the wound he received during the action.

A small fire which broke out in Ishta ward overnight was quickly contained by local residents and the appalling weather. Only one building was destroyed (a tavern) and a neighbouring warehouse slightly damaged. The owner of the tavern, Alex Windrake, is missing presumed dead although no body has been found. The regulars of the tavern were unavailable when the Chroniclers' reporter visited the area. However a local resident commented. "It's the first fire I've come across which caused sword wounds".

One of the few rumours to make its way outside the Citadels' defences is of the Princess' fencing practice. Apparently her Royal Highness has been surprising everybody with her "natural grace and skill with a rapier". Would the Chronicle dare to suggest that this might be due to the previous surreptitious training which we also keep hearing of?

The widely circulating rumour concerning a peasant revolt in Aclea appears to have no credited source and no available verification. The Chroniclers are somewhat puzzled by the apparent credibility being given to this news. After all who do you know who's made the journey from Aclea in the last month?