The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 137

Once again election time draws near, and as usual the Chronicle has been inundated with letters. As usual the Chronicle intends to show its complete independence and non-bias by publishing none of them.

Gax the Heretic has appeared in court this month, not as a defendant one should add, but in the Court of Hustings on behalf of a peasant entangled with the Honourable Lord Alexander Scrope over a boundary dispute. Gax's unexpected appearance as the defence council apparently took Lord Scrope's Hahn Mandatien by surprise, since Gax requested, and got, an adjournment to research the relevant documents.

The Chronicle regrets to announce the death of Master Matthias Tate, lately of the Drapers and Tailors Guild. Master Tate was found dead in Birchin Lane late last month. The Torian priest who examined the body on behalf of the widow said that he had died from exposure during the night, presumably after having been mugged.

The Priests of Torus are seeking information about a missing pupil. Novice Fraser went missing last Sixthday afternoon whilst on an errand to the Court of Common Council. He did not reach the council chambers and foul play is suspected. Anyone with information should contact the temple directly.

Up at the Citadel, the cellars are being stocked up in anticipation of the Royal Court's Midwinter residency. News has leaked that the Princess Eleanor's Yuletide gift is to be a series of rapier lessons. Brawls are now common in the Great Hall as the young squires sort out who is to be her sparring partner. The incredibly wealthy Lady Charlotte has a new beau in the form of an elegant and courteous stranger to the court with no apparent past. Count Garioch is reported to have consoled himself elsewhere. 'Sir' Roger Colleton is visiting the Knight-Marshall bearing messages from the Crown Prince, although several cavalry officers appear to be having trouble remembering his title. Colonel Karine Agrevaine has refused her own son permission to join the regiment and is also rumoured to have cut his allowance. The 5th Infantry have petitioned their commander for permission to form a bugger team. All this appears to be too much for the Kinjuru Envoy, who has gone to a Temple upriver for meditation during the winter.

This month Chinon, our redoubtable reporter, was pleased to accept an invitation to the newly restored 'Bullion' inn in Welland Ward. This well-decorated, cosy place would be an ideal drinking haven for tired election campaigners wishing to enjoy an affluent atmosphere. Others however may prefer to sample the significantly better beer available at the other pub down the road.

The Court of Common Council is pleased to announce that the contract for maintenance of the Bridge has been awarded to Master-mason Robert Beaureli. Work will be starting in the spring.

Lastly, citizens of the affluent wards of Arpent and Faringdon are warned that some prankster is lifting random items of laundry from back yards. "Is this relevant?" I hear you ask. No, but we needed a brief item to finish with.