The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 137

Our loyal readers will no doubt have been missing the regular reports of Marc the Thatcher. Never fear, the chroniclers can reveal exclusively that Marc is away on honeymoon in Aclea and will return with the spring thaw. The identity of the bride is something of a mystery but it is thought that she will add an interesting new dimension to the struggle for a new guild. The chroniclers also note that Aclea is an expensively distant place to go.

A demented soothsayer appeared in Bilgegate Market last month to forecast floods, storms and vile death; a not inaccurate prediction for the coming season you might think. The crazed crone disappeared under a hail of herring (storms not being a popular subject with fisher folk) but events took an unexpected turn when a respectable Mandatien of the Temple of Hahn appeared the following day to "make enquiries". Has a new prophet been revealed unto them?

The Guild of Skinners and Leathersellers has elected Master Cuthbert de Cranford as its head following the retirement of Master Leofwin. Master Cuthbert who is believed to be recovering from a massive post-election celebration, was unavailable for comment.

Master Vintner Malcolm Mowbray wishes to announce the discovery of several forged documents, which purport to come from him. All merchants are requested to send a messenger to check any financial matters directly. On a more pleasant note, he would also like to announce his engagement to Sandra Key, daughter of Master-brewer Martin Key.

The King's troops have been withdrawn from the watch of the Floating Market, despite protests by nearby residents. The market appears to have quietened with the first winter snows, but remnants of the Cursos quarter continue to be scattered around the river.

An irate Mrs Blessop is out hunting for blood this month, in search of the originator of the rumour linking her name with the appearance of the Sea Monster. The joker is advised to make peace with his/her God as Mrs Blessop is offering a 5s reward for information!

Notice from the Temple of Hahn:

There is no cause for concern regarding the unfortunate accident last month. It was an isolated incident caused by the unforeseen presence of earlier workings beneath the law school site. These workings have been investigated and should cause no further problems to the building project.

Dear Councillor Marc,

Re: Thatching of New Law School:


Yours Faithfully

Torrel (Temple of Hahn)

Dear Torrel,

Interested in your choice of roofing for the new Law School. May I enquire whether this is because you consider thatch to be an unsuitable roofing material for your purposes – or because you do not wish to become involved in the current controversy. Incidentally, I could not fully understand the last sentence in your last letter to the chronicle. Was the punctuation, spelling of words deliberate?

Yours Sincerely Reg Marc (councillor)

John William Giffard is pleased to announce the opening of 'The Bullion', a magnificent new inn on Generals Way, Welland. Book your Midwinter celebrations here now.

The Chronicle will be sending Chinon along to discover just how "magnificent" the Bull and Bucket has become.