The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 156

The Nyskilde Venture Company continues to be the topic of vigorous debate between Sir Eridan Portinari, the Citadel, and the Guildhalls of Linrodeth. Increasingly the officers of Princess Selina's court are distancing themselves from the whole initiative, and various merchant guilds are being questioned as to their exact role. The King's ambassador, Sir Eridan, is clearly frustrated by the lack of straight answers, but the Witanmoot has become perturbed enough to despatch a special envoy to the court of King Kieran in Eresan. Alderman Alan Monterey, tasked with restoring the peace, commented, "This misunderstanding is most unfortunate. Both the King and Linrodeth want to see Nyskilde recover as a vibrant part of the kingdom. We should be able to work together to achieve this." The Alderman has set out with a sizeable entourage of guards and a considerable shipment of His Majesty's favourite wines.

The arrival in port this month of the Undine, the Drakenkopf and the Sophia has been overshadowed by the appearance of the overdue Half-Chance. The old Cog is now captained by one Brendan Liang, the subject of endless speculation along the docks, and crewed by a most curious mix of Kezriakor, Babel and Humans. A large company of marines has been set to guard the Empire ship and her luxury cargo while the young captain opens negotiations with the Citadel and attempts to contact the remaining owners.

A lot of early campaigning has begun this month, showing the continuing shift as new factions vie to take control of the Witanmoot. A big fight appears to be brewing in Castle Bard, with Cllr Scathlocke attacking and Gilbert de Clare active in defence despite his commitments at the Brynette Temple. A hard battle is also being fought in Dowgate as the newcomers take full advantage of the absence of Monterey, Bottler and Trueman from the Witanmoot. Local householders, however, may be less keen on the unseasonal appearance of electioneers. "Bunch of identical grey tunics", was the sour comment from one old gentleman "In my day we saw real duels afore they candidates ever got near election date."

Count Cutario has expressed disgust at the new patrol roster drawn up for the City Guards. Changes to the north shore patrols mean that guards now spend longer around the tanneries and warehouses upriver of the bridge, than near the shipyards, theatres and bearpits downriver. Petro sourly predicted an increase in crime at these wealthy spots, and vowed to ensure a well-guarded approach to Ye Oval from the riverboats.

The recent wardmoot of Temple descended into farce after the chamber was hijacked by Mrs Chant and her colleagues demanding action against the King's Theatre. Alderman Horner was forced to adjourn the meeting while the chamber was cleared, but declined to press charges of disorderly conduct against the local matrons.

Lady Davy is pleased to announce the opening of the Berewic Memorial Gardens. The site around the old stone never entirely recovered from the events of last Dragonfeast and the subsequent sightseers and diggers. Now that a major replanting has been completed, Lady Davy expressed her hope that the site will now regain some of its former tranquillity.