The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 156

Diplomatic relations between the High King Kieran in Eresan and Her Highness Princess Selina have become sudden icy as reports of the Nyskilde Venture Company reach other courts. No formal response has been sought but it is understood that His Majesty's ambassador to Linrodeth, the notorious Sir Eridan Portinari, has called in a number of significant military supply contracts for review. The Linrodeth Guilds under closest scrutiny, notably the Bowyers, Saddlers and Brewers Companies, are scrambling to demonstrate their patriotism to all parties concerned.

The Brynette Temple has begun to rebuild a number of its older furnaces and a range of tall chimneys is to be added to Linrodeth's skyline. The project is understood to be financed largely from Count Cutario's generous compensation payments, and it will serve to keep the city's remaining masons busy during Alderman Bottler's extended absence. The Chronicle has in the past been critical of Jim Bottler but on this occasion we must praise him for putting the war effort before his political ambitions and for not staying to assist Alderman de Clare in this lucrative rebuild.

Also under new projects we must include the birth of a daughter to Alderman William Trueman and Lady Maria at half two of the afternoon on Firstday Secondweek. The Alderman later interrupted his tour of congratulation at the Witanmoot to give a speech demanding action on Northshore, "Can the Alderman of Bridge and Northshore please assure this house that the situation in Northshore is under control? If not what does he propose to do about it?" Alderman Saunders robustly returned, "These people are not citizens as they do not pay household taxes nor register their land. It is many years since the wards looked after their own watches, so perhaps the Chairman of Law and Order should stop trying to put the blame for his failings upon others." Not to be left out Alderman Peter Ryman made a surprising speech supporting the city guard adding, "they at least seem to understand the real situation on the North Shore; namely that it is one (but only one) of the centres of crime in the city and must be dealt with."

The Witanmoot eventually worked through the agenda to reach the Sheriffs' Elections with the following result: Bowden 16, Warin 11, Hastings 10, Horner 1. Of note are the tactics of Cllr Scathlocke who only used one vote for Warin, knowing that if she also voted for Hastings then Lady Davy would use her casting vote to replace Warin with Hastings. Abstaining throughout was Alderman Ryman. His early departure for home caused some disgust amongst his fellow ward members who vented steam later, "he never puts our point of view into these contests, opts out of almost everything. He's no use as an alderman at all.”

Alderman Dominic Horner's sudden increase in commissions has been keeping him very busy, to the point of postponing a number of ward matters including the hearing into the matter of the King's Theatre. The choice may prove a mistake. Mrs Chant and her redoubtable team of local matrons have taken to picketing the Alderman's workshops until such time as the hearing takes place. The noise level of the line of picketers is undeniably distracting to anyone trying to concentrate on artistic masterpieces. Or, as the Alderman himself put it, "a sharp intake of breath is a really bad idea when you are blowing glass".