The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 156

The problems between the Citadel and the King's Envoy have worsened this month. Adding to the issues with the Nyskilde Venture Company, what the Citadel described as a "misunderstanding about troop deployments" has upset the King's Envoy enough that he has left the city to seek guidance directly from the King. A grim Sir Eridan Portinari rode off from the Citadel with a small entourage of his favoured staff. The exact cause of the dispute is still unclear but rumours from the south suggest that Linrodeth's attempts to establish a base for the Navy to overwinter have not been well received by the King's forces. It is only hoped that Alderman Monterey's mission to see King Kieran has already been successful in calming down what is beginning to be a serious disagreement between Linrodeth and the High King.

It would seem that both Alderman Monterey and Sir Eridan will be chasing King Kieran across the countryside. Shortly after Sir Eridan's departure, news reached Linrodeth that the King has gone to the Temple of Daleth in the Gavelkinden. This move which was first thought to be associated with a desire to get closer to the battle front for winter appears to be more social; the King is understood to be planning to meet up with his heir whom he has not seen for many years. It has been confirmed that Princess Alexis, following in the traditions established by her mother, is spending time at all of the temples.

Furious campaigning is continuing across the city as all of the factions swing into a much earlier election frenzy than has happened in previous years. It is clear that the disruptions of recent times have finally reached a point where the old factions are about to lose control to the new, and bitter contests are developing across the city for many Aldermanic seats. The only people whose positions are considered safe are Melanie Romanie in Cadene, Marie Cripstead in Shambles, Rose Cheping in Dowgate plus faction leaders Trueman, Monterey, Bottler and Ryman.

Count Cutario has expressed satisfaction that his guards at Ye Oval have managed to prevent a number of recent robbery attempts. However, never one to miss a political opportunity, he has lodged a formal complaint with the Chairman of Law and Order claiming that the city is giving preference to protecting the property of guild members over that of the ordinary citizens of Northshore.

Alderman Dominic Horner has made a valiant attempt to resolve the dispute over the King's Theatre this month. The Alderman, who has recently been stung by accusations that he was taking bribes from the theatre to prevent the matter coming to a hearing, made every attempt to treat the matter fairly. But with tempers running high he was always going to be in for a rough ride. Whilst it is within the powers of an Alderman to shut down any business which is causing detriment to a ward, it is a rarely exercised power with little precedent for the conditions under which it can be used. In the end the Alderman was reluctant to close what is "clearly an important city institution" based on the disapproval of a "vocal minority". Mrs Chant has declared her self to be "disgusted that the upstanding and decent citizens of Temple must be subjected to vile behaviour which is no better than that which goes on in Northshore". Further, she has vowed to replace Dominic Horner with a more law abiding Alderman even if she has to do it herself. Given the large group of supporters she has built up over the last few month this may be no idle threat.