The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 156

Cllr Jessamine Scathlocke's faction has taken a decisive lead this month with a number of major breakthroughs for her campaign. The month started with the defection of Kyle Makeland. Ms Makeland was, until recently, the most active member of the Horner faction and is widely credited with the superbly run campaign that got him elected as Alderman. Ms Makeland declared that she was "deeply impressed with the way the Scathlocke faction was focusing on the big issues facing Linrodeth" and she felt that by joining it she would be "able to make change happen". Another equally impressed person is Alderman Adam Povre who has spent the month explaining to the members of his ward why he has now joined the Scathlocke grouping. Other factions have been focusing on local campaigns to shore up favoured Alderman and there is still, thankfully, a lack of the cross city bunting which has been such a feature of earlier elections.

The Theatre Royale has been attempting to clean up its image this month with the presentation of a number of favourite children's tales. The shows, which have been sponsored by Alderman Horner, have gone a long way towards defusing the tensions in the ward. However Ms Felicity Mint's depiction of the Faerie Queen has also been appealing to a more adult audience.

A surprise early frost has given many people concern that this winter will be particularly harsh. Whilst grain supplies are not seriously low a particularly hard winter could put a strain on he city. Ice has begun to form on the Ishtan and there is concern for a number of ships that were trading with the Western Isles are late to port.

The city guard has been struggling this week to cope with a new crime wave. Apprentices throughout the city have taken, for reasons not entirely clear, to stealing peoples washing and arranging it in interesting poses. The problem appears to have originated in Castle Bard where some very creative arrangements supported by sticks are still being done. However throughout the rest of the city rather crude displays, often just lying on the ground seem to be the norm. There has already been one death. Young Tony Bakehouse was shot by an elderly citizen who saw "a figure stealing my jerkin" as he was returning from archery practice.

News has just reached the city that High King Kieran is to be married. His bride is the almost unknown Lady Serena Allen who has lands near the Dalethian Temple and whom it can be supposed he has recently met whist staying in the area. The news was announced by Princess Selina after it was brought to her by a member of Alderman Monterey's entourage who had made a record breaking dash across country. The wedding is due to take place on the 20th of Kryll leaving little time for anyone to reach the Temple. It is understood that a major celebration will be held next year. Princess Selina declared herself "Delighted that my royal brother has found a bride" and wished her "new sister a long and happy life". Hasty preparations are being made for celebrations at many of the city's hostelries although as yet no Civic or Citadel events have been announced.