The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 156

The occasion of the Royal Wedding has rekindled animosity between the Kerunian and Athionic citizens. The largely Kerunian high society was set to ignore the event almost entirely, with nothing being done either by the Citadel or the Witanmoot to mark the event. By contrast the majority of Linrodeth's workers were keen to wish their High-King and his mysterious bride well, and set about organising street parties and temple celebrations with dogged enthusiasm. In the absence of official funding, the streets flowed with good Athionic beer rather than wine, and many a passing Kerunian was forced to quaff the King and Queen's Health. Witanmoot honour was saved by the redoubtable Mrs Bottler, who organised a lavish entertainment at short notice. In attendance were famous names such as Andrews, Cox, Cutario, Cyarçon, Davy, Tasker, Portinari, Trueman and Warin. It is unclear whether they wished to celebrate the royal marriage, or merely know better than to miss a quasi-political meeting at the Bottler mansion. Out on the streets Cllr Jessamine Scathlocke did a brisk business with her sale of commemorative plates, based allegedly on a true likeness of the High King's obscure bride. And it was the Scathlocke faction which tried to get into the spirit of celebration by organising a number of ward level events. Rumours persist that Cllr Scathlocke attempted to organise a formal Witanmoot event but was rebuffed by Lady Davy. Explanations from the Office of the Lord about a real celebration being planned for next year have done little to heal the renewed divisions within Linrodeth society.

Sleet and continued high winds have forced work to stop on the new chimneys for the Brynette temple. Master De Clare abandoned the work after losing two labourers. The scaffolding was roped off and guarded, but this did not prevent the planking from being stolen during the blizzard. It is now thought that the work is unlikely now to be completed before Midwinter. The Bards' College has controversially added a new course to the syllabus of its young students. The intriguingly named "Practicalities" appears only to be an attempt to teach Kerunian building principles to the artistes, and its relevance to future minstrels seems small.

A riot was narrowly avoided when City Guard stepped in to resolve a dispute at the new frost fair. Many people had been bemused to see Bottler's faction casting sawdust into the forming ice last month. When it transpired that the faction intended to charge people for access to the "new improved ice”, tempers flared. Traders who had traditionally used that area objected vigorously. One butcher demanded, "Doesn't Bottler own enough of this city already? I've been pitching here for 16 years and I'm dammed if I'm going to pay him a penny". However many of the apprentices who had seen this as a way of earning a few extra pennies were equally adamant that they be recompensed. The ensuing fight was large and bloody, and if the ice had been its normal strength the whole thing could have come to a very bad end. Fortunately the ice held just long enough and the guard were able to forcibly separate the two groups. The area has been cordoned off as unsafe and several traders have expressed their intention to sue the Bottler household for loss of business.

Following the wedding celebrations last week, when a number of beer barrels were accidentally smashed at the top of Levestone Hill, citizens are reminded to use alternatives to reach the Witanmoot from the docks or the bridge. Levestone Wardmoot would also like to remind youngsters that, although the brown ice down the Hill is indeed excellent for sledding, the stone gatehouse at the bottom is especially unforgiving.

The harried City Guard patrols along Northshore have been trying to deal with many complaints from the slum quarters who are tired of the tinker encampment strung out along the Pennine Road. The tinkers would normally have been heading south by now, but have been trapped at the city by the sudden turn of bad weather. Allegations of theft, brawling and child abduction abound, which citizens of the more sedate wards of the city proper might find ironic. Cutario's investments have also come under attack, but clearly the Count is no longer relying on the guard, preferring instead to hire a ruthless mercenary patrol to protect Ye Oval.

Householders in the ward of Bassishaw have been terrorised by a gaggle of geese nominally belonging to Mrs Malley. Trade through this previously well-ordered quarter of the city has been unexpectedly disrupted by vicious ambushes and random attacks by these bad-tempered birds. The wardmoot has issued Mrs Malley with a deadline for penning up her property, otherwise the fowl will be declared a public nuisance and be available to any hunter brave enough to tackle them.