The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 137

Citizens of Dowgate ward were interested recently to discover that their neighbouring slum has shrunk somewhat. Ice along the edge of the Ishtan had apparently melted, revealing larger than normal damage to the Floating Market. A goodly portion of it promptly settled to riverbed, thus finally achieving its proper social level. Many inhabitants were disturbed by this occurrence, but an alert local watch prevented any of these river vermin from reaching the shore.

An interesting parchment has overnight been posted in several market squares. Its contents were as follows:

"The banning of football is an unnecessary inroad into the basic human rights of the citizens by a king who has clearly overstepped the
mark. A march is to be held next week, culminating in a football match open to anyone. The winning team will be awarded two barrels of best Ale."

No time or place was mentioned. The Kings Officers maintain that they are hot on the trail of the perpetrators.

The Chronicle is pleased to announce its newest roving reporter: Chinon Starsinger. Chinon hopes to be reporting from beneath the tables of all the best pubs and clubs around town. The Chroniclers would like to take this opportunity to wish him a long and coherent career.

The Chroniclers have recently been made aware of the existence of a particularly esoteric cult called 'Euthanasia'. Its members are believed to be obsessed with finding the source of rumours concerning the existence of 'The Merry Whore'. A spokesman for the cult said "Aaargh".

The Chronicle has noted an attempt to deride the King by association with the parentage of a demon. The Chronicle would like it to be known that it will not be party to such scurrilous treason.

The priests of Torus announce with regret that they were forced to shoot two intruders in their
gardens last month. The two men, believed to be responsible for the previous disturbances of the hives, are being carefully tended in the Infirmarium.

The first ship to arrive in port after the thaw has travelled up from the city of Salvoyn in the south. First word is that the Prince Edward has had a quiet winter, but anticipates renewed barbarian raiding once The Melting penetrates the mountain valleys.

It is hoped that the Queen will be well enough to attend the City's celebration of the Festival of Springtide at the end of this month. Due to the relatively mild winter the Council is hoping to line Lost Way & Wheat Hill, which lead from the Citadel to the Witanmoot, with the spring flowers.