The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 137

Last weekend The Citadel officially announced that the Queen was "gravely ill". The Queen, who looked pale and drawn at the Springtide festival, has apparently been ill for some time. The Temple of Torus has refused to give details of the illness, but confirmed that messengers had been sent to the King.

A particularly battered looking merchant cog limped into its home port last month, having caught the
spring storms on its way home. Apart from its valuable cargo of Menteshe ore, The Foamflyer carries news that the Theocracy of the High Plateau is preparing for war. The identity of their enemy is, as yet, unclear.

The Chronicle would like to send condolences to the Morgan family, whose son Peven died violently while returning from evening watch duty on Tuesday night. A spokesman for the family said "We don't know which faction has done this, but if they think that we are going to take this kind of thing lying down, they have a surprise coming".

Last week the Court of Common Council sat to consider an appeal for sponsorship for the forming of a Thatchers Guild. The hearing ran into early difficulties after the Thatchers' spokesman, one Marc, failed to turn up. The local watch report no incidents that day, and Alderman Courtney maintains that Marc "probably got lost on the way there". However Marc has still not been seen and rumours of foul play continue to grow;

There was a young Thatcher named Marc
Who used to think life was a lark
Although he was skilled
He hadn't a guild
And now he gets left in the dark

(Graffiti in the Spinning Sow)

Dear Sir, I am appalled at the complacent, uncaring attitude of people to the deaths, during the recent cold, of some of their fellow residents of Linrodeth. Surely in these civilised times a little more thought could be given to those less fortunate than ourselves. Is it not the towns duty to see that all its residents are housed and fed? I look to the King and Marshall for leadership.

Yours, Cllr Bever Edge


Sir William Valois is in severe disgrace. The Chronicle knows why but, in the interest of the freedom of the press, isn't telling. Meanwhile Valois Senior, the Earl Gareth, is disowning and disinheriting that branch of the family.