The Chronicle

of the month of Heliora in the year 137

Sir William Valois has been executed on the charge of HIGH TREASON. Sir William's slow poisoning of the Queen was discovered in the nick of time by Sir Raif Fitz-Payne, Sir William's subordinate officer in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. Consequently the King made an unscheduled return to Linrodeth with a light retinue, and rode immediately to the castle, leaving a bemused and belated welcoming committee still forming at Bridgegate.

At the Citadel King Edmund summoned a court of his closest advisors, including the now recovering Queen Emma. Several hours later a closed trial of Sir William was heard, eyewitnesses report that the traitor offered no defence. At the end of the trial Sir William was executed by the Kings own hand. The King pronounced the family dishonoured with all lands and revenue forfeit. Fast footwork by the Earl Gareth last month effectively ensures that this applies only to Sir William's wife and two young sons. The traitor's corpse now hangs
above the Citadel gates.

Kenna Pencric, second son of the well-known silk merchant, died last Tuesday. The killing took an identical form to that of Peven Morgan, Kenna being shot with a viciously barbed arrow whilst returning from watch duty. A spokesman for the Morgan family disclaimed responsibility, "We're sure that this is the work of another merchant trying to set our two great houses against each other". The Pencric family refused to comment.

The afternoon watch of Levestone ward have interrupted a ball game being played between the apprentices of the Skinners Guild in Cobbs Court. Although threatened with arrest, a spokesman for the group pointed out that since the ball was being moved by carrying it, the game could not possibly be described as football. When asked what this newfangled game was called, the apprentice replied 'bugger'. The young man was detained for further questioning.

The priests of the Temple of Torus wish to give public notice that they accuse the Apothecary Thorold of Lime Street of malpractice and misconduct. They request the citizens of Linrodeth to cease all patronage of Master Thorold's establishment.

The port is now in full swing with the good weather, despite the usual complaints of those downwind of Bilgegate (fish) Market. The ships bring regular news from Salvoyn and the south, and the Chronicle has been following with interest Crown Prince Edward's assault on Cair Taned, the barbarians' stronghold. The affair seems to have developed into a long, drawn out siege after the failure of the initial dawn attack which resulted in many dead. One permanently disabled casualty was the popular hero Hugh Grovesnor; more commonly known as 'The Wolf', both for his skill at hunting barbarians and for his voracious appetite.

Friends of Marc the Thatcher are relieved to have found him alive and well, and recently escaped from
a mysterious 'luxury apartment' where he was being held prisoner by a group of masked hoodlums who referred to themselves as 'The Company'. Alderman Courtney, speaking on behalf of the local watch, would only comment that they could not effectively protect someone from this kind of terrorism.

Gentlemen are reminded that knights wishing to participate in the Midsummer Tournament are requested to present themselves to the Knight Marshall as soon as
possible. All stalls for the Fair are already fully booked, and Guildmembers are politely reminded that the fine for opening shop during the festival is 50s. The archery contest is still in the process of being disorganised, and the Masons apprentices have challenged the Skinners apprentices to an exhibition match of the new game of 'bugger'.

Gax the Heretic has moved his regular preaching sessions to the Mootstone, in Witanmoot Yard, where
by ancient right he is entitled to be heard. Against all the predictions, Gax has proved a surprisingly popular lunch time
entertainment with the councillors and Guildmen; and has stimulated some lively discussions amongst these pillars of society. Gax has announced plans to run a refreshment stall during the Midsummer Fair, all proceeds will go towards providing a school for the city orphans. The refreshment stand will be distinguishable by its emblazoned "Lemon-Aid".