The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 137

Heavy snow late last month encouraged the Knight Marshall to stage a mock siege as a military exercise. Balistae loaded with snow were enthusiastically manoeuvred under heavy fire from the walls and the city's more junior citizens. Over the course of three days there were only five casualties, mostly
frostbite. The exercise was called to a halt after it was noticed that the 5th Infantry (motto: If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow) were getting their 'ranging shots' uncomfortably near the port. The 5th Infantry are affectionately known to the locals as 'The Kings Own Foot 'n Mouth'. A small prize is offered to anyone with an equally appropriate nickname for the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, also stationed at The Citadel (motto: Death Before Dishonour! CHAAARGE!).

Hahn Priests have been inviting masons to tender offers for the construction of their new Law School. Once again Gax the Heretic has preached from the temple steps, demanding equal education for the poor. Some stoning was begun by nearby people and Gax was quickly rescued by the local watch. Reports remain unclear as to whether the stones were aimed at Gax or the Hahn priests attempting to make him leave.

The first of the seasonal rain has already fallen over the city, bringing an easing of the cold. With this slight thaw most of the snowdrifts have melted away to reveal this years dead. Citizens on watch duty this month are reminded to dispose of the bodies of frozen beggars into the marshes, and not to just dump them in the Ishtan.

The Skinners regret to announce the death this month of Wulfward of Canavelin. Wulfward, an honoured and respected citizen, died peacefully in his sleep. A popular member of the Skinners Guild, Wulfward was commonly expected to become
Guildmaster when Master Leofwin retires later this year. The Guild succession has now been left "wide open", to quote one reliable source.

That well-known family of entrepreneurs, the Marcs brothers, have published a book containing the accumulated wisdom of their experiences. For example: "Societies evolve through a series of crises caused by internal contradiction." or as 'Dutch' explained; "if anything can go wrong, it will."

The Chroniclers emphatically deny that their institution is redundant, or that they would ever move out of the city.