The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 137

The Knight Marshall's plans for a second fortification, on the east side of the city, were shelved late last month after an objection was lodged by the Royal College of Bards. Speculation exists as to where Sir Salverian will next give his attention and money (a canal project has been mentioned as a possible candidate). Several masons who had anticipated an early commission now find themselves with an expensive stone surplus.

A small football game was staged last month in Playhouse Yard in defiance of the ban. A request by the local watch to stop was ignored, and word was sent to the Citadel. However the players wisely decided to disperse before the detachment of the 5th Infantry arrived.

Gax the Heretic has resumed his preaching using a variety of locations around the city.

A major fire in Burgon Street recently was contained after many nearby houses were pulled down. The fire was apparently started by an angry mob consisting mainly of local residents. Since many of these are now homeless, Alderman Maxil has decided to defer further investigation.

The Priests of Torus have complained to the Court of Common Council that their sacred bee colony has been tampered with several times recently. Citizens are reminded that continued disturbance will impair the production of the Elixir Vitae.

With the Midwinter Festival now over, the King has taken advantage of a lull in the snow to visit some northern coastal towns. Travelling with his household were Prince Kieran, the Lord Treasurer, the Lord High Chancellor, Lord Privy Seal and the First Sealord. The rest of the court are with Queen Emma, who remains at the Citadel with her two younger children.

During this years formal crown wearing the King has been dined by eight guilds, judged five appeals, received two ambassadors, inspected a shipyard, attended a college concert, and dedicated an oak grove to the All-mother.