The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 153

Princess Selina's condition is still described as "extremely serious". Prayers have been said throughout the city, with the Hahnites in particular holding a number of special services. Alderman Monterey has been much to the fore in these, and the Archimandrite himself has called for continuous prayers to be said. Activity at the Temple of Torus is also high and several senior priests have now permanently moved to the Citadel. General Olvini has so far proved to be an effective ruler – by staying out of city affairs. The temptation to impose martial law would appear to have been resisted and the General so far has not sought to interfere with the Witanmoot. The General's attention would still appear to be on the north, with much military preparation still apparent. Alderman Jim Bottler's recent scathing attack on the Noord, in which he called for Nyskildian murders to suffer the same fate as their Noordic Isles brethren, will not have gone unnoticed. Unfortunately, Nyskilde does not have a moat so Bottler's unique wall-breaching skills may not be of use to the General this time.

Campaigning activity appears to be heating up across Linrodeth as the Midwinter elections approach. The other groups have apparently woken up to the fact that Marcus Lambourne has been gathering support all year, and there would seem to be a tacit agreement to only run one candidate against him in each ward. More interestingly the old Trueman, Bottler, Cutario triumvirate which has run the Witanmoot for so many years appears to be breaking up, with much less co-operation across these three groups than has been seen in previous years. Tensions within the Monterey faction are running high. Alderman Monterey would appear to be attempting to adjust his policies in an attempt to court the Cutario and Bottler grouping and his recent public conversion to the cause of Princess Selina is not going down too well with his faction. "He spends more time at the Citadel than in the Witanmoot" one disillusioned stalwart complained. The situation has not been helped by the falling out with Marcus Lambourne who is reported to be privately fuming at Monterey's kow-towing to the pro-Salvoynian elements within the Witanmoot. Marcus Lambourne, perhaps with the scent of blood in his nostrils, has redoubled his attacks on Lady Andrews and the Trueman faction. Describing Trueman's group as "a bunch of Resh-loving cronies" he accused them of treating the loyal citizens and worshippers of the true faiths as fools. Clearly taking Trueman's comments last month personally, he declared, "I say to Alderman Trueman that you dismiss the intelligence and integrity of the people of this city at your peril."

Amid all this vicious campaigning and infighting Alderman Cutario has been quietly getting on with practical matters. He has paid for a very large oval space on the newly drained north shore to be marked out and has announced the development of a suitable space for regular football practice, so that teams do not disturb citizens by practising in the streets, or cause mutual distress by interrupting archery sessions on the Tourney Fields. A group lead by Eva Capel has solved the rigging problem with the new ships. The Navy is reported to be delighted by modifications suggested by the team which consisted of Alderman Capel, several master shipwrights, Brynette engineers, several priests of Esprayenna and a couple of students from the Bards college.

Late News! Late News! Late News! Late News!

High King Kieran has returned to Linrodeth! The King, with an entourage of 50 knights, rode in through the Kingsgate at dawn yesterday, to the amazement and delight of nearby citizens. Under tight escort from Linrodeth forces he rode straight to the Citadel. The main gate of the Citadel has since been closed, and the crowds which gathered around the moat have been disappointed that he has not reappeared to greet them. General Olvini's terse statement said merely, "His Majesty is concerned for the health of his sister in law, and has come to be with her and to join others in prayers for her recovery.”