The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 153

A full Naval Review has taken place for the benefit of King Kieran. The parade of Consortium and Navy ships sailed down the estuary and presented themselves at the Citadel. The whole city came out to cheer the heroes of the Noordic battles and witness the display of the city's naval might. The new Sabre class ships demonstrated the effectiveness of their recent rigging changes by managing not to bump into anything, although the sheer scale of the ships does appear to make manoeuvring them difficult. The parade ended with the formal presentation to Eva Capel of the £100 reward from the Admiralty. King Kieran was clearly impressed by the power of Linrodeth's navy, and the arrival back in the city a few hours later of Linrodeth's main cavalry force will have further reinforced this demonstration of Linrodeth's military might.

Temples throughout the city have been leading their congregations in prayers for Princess Selina. In what looks like a co-ordinated display of unity, the Temples of Esprayenna, Daleth and Brynette gave thanks for Her Highness's "benevolent ruler-ship and the prosperity which it has brought to the city". The Temples of Hahn and Torus, which have always been strongly pro-Kieran, were slightly less forthcoming in their praise although this could not detract from what is undoubtedly a strong political statement by the Temples. The Princess is reported to be recovering, although still dangerously ill.

Following the example of the Temples some of Linrodeth's leaders have also nailed their colours to the mast this month. The support of Petro Cutario for Princess Selina has of course never been in question. However William Trueman and Lady Andrews have also gone out of their way to demonstrate to King Kieran whose side they will be on should he and Princess Selina "disagree over policy”. William Trueman set the party line: praising the recent show of "Unity of people and religions in support of our Princess", he describing himself and his fellow citizens as "delighted with Princess Selina's rule and very concerned about her health." He went on, "We give General Olvini our full support as the Princess' chosen caretaker. We are also touched by his Royal Majesty's concern for the health of his sister-in-law." Even waverers such as Jim Bottler and Alan Monterey have been flouting their pro-Selina credentials. Alas, Jim Bottler's ostentatious display of wealth amassed in the service of Princess Selina may have gone too far. During a royal reception for civic dignitaries, a clearly annoyed King Kieran described Bottler's fine Kerunian silks as "looking like a courtesan's". Amid all of this Marcus Lambourne has been surprisingly quiet, with not a single mention of the High King or criticism of his fellow councillors commitment to Princess Selina in any of his many speeches. Campaigning for the elections has definitely come early this year with particularly fierce campaigns already being fought in Bassishaw, Cartage, Ishtan.

The huge storm which struck Linrodeth last week has now abated. However most roads are still quagmires and the damage from the flooding of riverside warehouses and properties along the Dow is said to run to thousands of pounds. Luckily the majority of the Fleet was still in port following the naval review and only a few ships are feared lost. The freezing weather which followed is also causing problems with many of the pools of water freezing and creating fresh hazards for the unwary. Two elderly citizens are feared lost after they caught by rising floodwaters. King Kieran and his entourage have made a hasty exit from the city and were last seen battling their way along the East road in a desperate attempt to reach the high road before an early winter prevents them from returning to Eresan.

Elliot Anderson has placed an interesting motion before council. "Council confirms that, should a gate be built in the Portwall with said gate paid for by private funds, there will be no special restriction on those citizens who pass through it. However, the Council confirms that the right to carry goods for trade or working through said gate will be at the discretion of those who purchased the gate. These rights shall persist while those who purchased the manufacture of the gate continue to fund its running costs (both in terms of maintenance and manning) and shall be forfeit to the Council should such costs not be met in any year." Anderson has clearly does his research on this and followed his proposals with several quotations from the Hahnites clarifying the legality of such a proposal.

The war of words between William Trueman and Marcus Lambourne shows no sigh of abating with Alderman Trueman accusing his fellow ward member of "having a guilty conscience. Lambourne spends all his time hurling insults and has not done anything for the city this year except stir up hatred and strife," he went on. The situation between the two has now gone so far that the Wardmoot is almost unbearable with both men unable to stand the other and even the simplest of debates turning into a personal battle. Marcus Lambourne has tried to rise above all this but pro-Trueman supporters are now stalking him and a brave Trueman supporter even attempted to heckle at Lambourne' s campaign launch this month. Lambourne responded by hearing the man out and then destroying his every point in a brilliantly conceived counter argument. The enthusiastic rally then rose to his claim that his faction was "from the people, there for the people" and "the only true pro-democracy movement". Asked to comment on this Alderman Trueman replied "I know that the people of our city will judge us on our actions and not on his venomous rhetoric".

Late News! Late News! Late News! Late News!

Harsh weather and impassable floods near the marshes have forced King Kieran to return to the city of Linrodeth. He will now have to overwinter at the Citadel. It is hoped that a messenger has got through to Eresan and that they are aware that he is safe.