The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 153

Concern is growing for the life of Princess Selina. Efforts by the Citadel to play down her condition only fuelled rumours further, and General Olvini was forced to make a statement. He chose to do this by addressing a full session of the Witanmoot. In a brief speech he described the Princess as, "gravely ill" and declared that she had now formally granted him "the right to rule in her name until her recovery." The General went on to advise the Witanmoot to exercise extreme caution during this period of uncertainty and asked them to pray for the Princess' recovery." The subdued council suppressed any desire to ask difficult questions; the idea of the General being in charge does indeed seem to require some reassessment of strategy.

A surprising alliance of Alan Monterey and William Trueman has quelled any potential riots following Marcus Lambourne's calls for citizens to "deal with "the Reshite evil”. William Trueman's calls for people to respect the law were backed up by Alderman Monterey who, whilst expressing frustration at the apparent failure of the Witanmoot to deal with the Reshite threat, called upon people to trust that things would happen. Although there is an undercurrent of tension in the taverns of Linrodeth, these calls, and also the cavalry patrols which General Olvini has imposed upon the city, have been very effective. Alderman Trueman blamed last month's "shameful incident" on trickery by "forces wishing to see martial law". He described citizens of this city as being "duped" by "someone who has no respect for the Law or for the general well-being of the city". His remarks have triggered a furious debate with some claiming that the incident was part of a plot by General Olvini to suspend the Witanmoot, whilst others have blamed Salvoynian agents seeking to break the peace which currently exists between Linrodeth and the Regency.

Problems continue with the new Sabre class ships. The newly launched Savage ran aground when the crew lost control of her in what could only be described as a moderate breeze. Reassuringly the ship survived the experience, demonstrating that if they can ever manage to get near to an enemy then the class will be effective. Following this incident, the Consortium has requested schemes for new rigging to be submitted to the Admiralty, with a £100 prize for a substantial improvement on the existing standard.

Despite the numerous wharves and warehouses being built on North Shore, the thriving Mercers Guild has decided that the old city port is the only site with suitable prestige. The corporation has purchased three large sheds just inside Portwall, and is planning to merge the sites, without regard for the small tavern wedged in between two of them. The new giant storage will be for the use of Guild members. The Guild also confirms that they will be applying for permission to open a new gatehouse through Portwall.

Following the unrest, the Bards College decided to cancel its season of "Roland & Julia", a nostalgic comedy. Instead, rehearsals are underway for "King Lir", a classic tragedy. The college had been commissioned to entertain at the Yuletide society wedding of Lord Roberto Cornaro and the heiress Jacqueline Fitz-Ailwyn. The change of programme seems to add an unwelcome burden to the youngsters' nuptial night.

Preparations for the Harvestide festival have been subdued in the light of concerns about her Highness. However the football tournament is still proceeding "in honour of her wisdom". Alderman Cutario seems to be exerting some influence on this wild sport and surprisingly actual teams and a semblance of rules are emerging. It is now expected that formal "knockout" competition will take place between a chosen team from each ward. The exquisitely crafted Cutario Cup is to be presented to the winning team.

Late News! Late News! Late News! Late News!

The Citadel has announced the birth of Princess Phoebe, in the first seconds of Higharvestide. The Baby Princess is described healthy, however it was a difficult birth. The Citadel has refused to comment on the health of Her Royal Highness Princess Selina, who is believed to be close to death. Despite some unfortunate incidences of violence between the teams, the Harvestide football was a huge success, with the Welland team sponsored by Alderman Jim Bottler emerging as the unquestionable champions.