The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 152

Citadel watchers wasted a significant amount of time this month discussing the mysterious disappearance of Alderman Maureen Quiller. Several wild rumours circulated about her having fled the city to Salvoyn. However it would appear upon investigation that the respected mercer has simply decided to go off and do her job, having left on the consortium ship Pugnacious heading south to the City States "on business".

Apart from the diversion over Maureen Quiller, the Witanmoot has fallen into relative silence. The only entertainment has been watching the normally composed Chair for Law and Order, Mary Hastings, fight off an audit and several investigations of her committee. The City Guard have been somewhat over-zealous recently in their pursuit of possible traitors and Alderman Hastings is busily engaged in an allegedly successful cover up. In the end the Chairman was forced to come before the Witanmoot and make a statement pointing out that the City Guard are a military force under the control of the Citadel and suggesting that if anybody had any complaints they should take them up with General Olvini. A suggestion which so far no-one has been brave enough to take up.

Rumours circulating wildly around the city would suggest that one of the reasons for the visit of Lord Portinari is that the recently stolen Crown Jewels were the security on the massive loan Princess Selina took out to fund her invasion of Linrodeth. Relationships between the two seemed more than cordial at the Harvestide Ball, however that may just be because Princess Selina has agreed to raise taxes to pay off the debt.

One of the reasons for the Witanmoot's apparent silence this month has been that the various political factions appear to be spending all their time spying on each other and scurrying around trying to find out why the Midsummer Muster was such a failure. Independent investigations by the Chronicle would suggest that some mischief certainly took place; although these seem to have been good humoured pranks rather than a fiendish plot.

The Torians have issued a warning about a strange melancholy and wasting disease which is affecting the old and the weak. The illness does not respond to any treatment and victims are tending to die within a month of the symptoms first showing. The only help identified so far is devout prayer, which is reported to have lead to the recovery of several victims. The initial symptoms are a disinterest in food and work which develops over time into a disinterest in continuing to live. Several victims have died because they simply could not be bothered to take care of themselves.

Following the initial excitement (or outrage), interest in the Bottler mansion appears to have died down. Although one wag couldn't resist the temptation to move the "Your Shipping Budget At Work" sign from its dockside location to just outside the building site. Fulfilling the prophecy that many a true word is said in jest; Alderman Bottler has confirmed the award to him of the contract for the rebuilding of the docks. Things however are not moving so smoothly on the Sweetwater project. An attempt by the Witanmoot to introduce new contract terms has resulted in protracted negotiations between the city and the Carpenters Guild. Apparently the Witanmoot is demanding that the Carpenters stick to their estimates, a concept which everyone will know is clearly beyond the comprehension of the guildsmen.

Alderman Alice Barbiter's has been saved from bankruptcy by a guild loan. Heated discussions at the Fletcher's Guild resulted in the loan after it became clear that her business had seriously over committed on a Citadel contract and was likely to default. It would appear that running a business and being active in politics is beyond the popular, amiable but not particularly clever Alderman.

The various shipyards involved in Consortium contracts have successfully launched the second group of new design ships. The Reboubtable, Renown, Revenge, Rapide, Resolute and Repulse have taken up station near Kingsport to be rigged. All are listed as 700 tuns, although they appear to nearer 1000 tuns in length.