The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 152

King Kieran has called an early halt to the summer campaign against Salvoyn, and may disperse the host within the month. The provisions to the armies have been rotted by a mysterious blight and starvation of the besieging soldiers is a real possibility. The dismissal of the host would permit the remaining forces to feed properly, once the blight is brought under control. A number of Earthwalkers from the Temple of Daleth are investigating the problem. The King is also mourning the loss of Duke Ralph Fitz-William and his liege men who were lost when a line of earthworks gave way because of waterlogged foundations. The King's forces did, however, manage to destroy a sizeable force of Salvoynian irregulars who launched an assault upriver in the direction of Cascorach. The Chronicle is assured that the roads to Cascorach remain well-protected and safe for merchants.

After years of neglect during the civil war, the city docks are finally receiving some much-needed rebuilding. Large sections of the waterfront are being re-fronted with massive pieces of hardwood, and two new piers are being built extending deep into the river. A sign reading "Your Shipping budget at Work" has recently been hung from the scaffolding... Across the river a mini causeway is being built to extend the northshore back road, complete with good drainage and gravel topping. Funded by the Trade budget, the road work seems to be Monterey's answer to the rival Cutario faction, although he has tastefully refrained from erecting any notices.

Alderman Jim Bottler has started work on a massive mansion for his family next to the Wellhouse Green. Estimates of just the cost of the land alone run to hundreds of pounds and rumours circulating in the Carpenters Guild suggest huge contracts are being let to build an elaborate new palace. The fact that Jim Bottler has become rich from his many major contracts has been well known, but the scale of his wealth is now becoming clear. Many pro-Selina councillors seem rather proud of how well Jim has done and are pointing to him as an example of the benefits of the new regime.

There have been further late-night muggings of wealthy citizens, leading to calls for the beggars to be cleared from the streets. However Sheriff Bowden has refused to authorise a clearing of the streets. He pointed out that evidence linking the incidents to the beggars was somewhat lacking. To everyone's surprise the usually intolerant Lady Andrews backed him up, commenting that "the city is not in the habit of killing people simply because they are poor." Cllr Bever Edge applauded and endorsed the decision, while commenting "that in fact Linrodeth has on a number of occasions killed people for being poor and I am delighted to see a more enlightened policy enacted".

The Citadel has been thrown into disarray by the arrival of Lord Portinari, the prominent banker of Kerun. Apparently he is visiting Linrodeth to see his daughter and grandchildren. The Lady Killasandra Portinari recently arrived in Linrodeth and is the wife of the renown Sir Eridan, King Kieran's Ambassador to Princess Selina's Court. A number of official receptions, feasts and entertainments are being hurriedly planned. Lady Andrews will be hosting a Harvestide Ball in his honour at the Witanmoot.

Reports from the Noord border confirm that all is unusually quiet, presumably as their clan leaders return home to elect a new King. General Olvini has ridden out to the borders with a light cavalry troop to inspect the situation, but dismissed suggestions that an immediate assault will be made, "I never exploit a situation until I know what it is."

The Harvestide festival is being happily celebrated by citizens throughout Linrodeth after a most prosperous year. A successful harvest was confirmed by the Wellkeeper Shinannon, whereupon a number of wards rolled out free beer barrels donated by local guild halls, and began a series of street parties. The Bards College is contributing strolling entertainers, who are in most danger of being kidnapped by over-enthusiastic audiences. So far the celebrations have been noisy but restrained. This may not continue much after dark when the serious partying will begin, especially up at the Witanmoot Ball.