The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 152

The Torian priests continue to be concerned about the strange melancholy and wasting disease which is affecting the old and the weak. Although the disease is not widespread and is claiming few victims, there has been little sign of it declining and the Torian Temple is baffled by it. Alderman Richard Saunders has been much in evidence seeking to reassure the populous. Alderman Monterey, noting Alderman Cutario's continuing obsession with Shipping, has criticised him for failing to back up Alderman Saunders "at a moment critical to the health of the city purely because he's too busy playing with ships." An unrepentant Alderman Cutario replied that "a strong Navy is very relevant to the health of the city in these unsettled times."

Alderman Alan Monterey has also not let up in his relentless pursuit of Mary Hastings and the Law and Order committee. Pointing out that it is "the duty of the Law and Order committee to defend the rights of our citizens as well as to hold them to account for their responsibilities." He pointed out that it should be "her duty as Chair to bring to the attention of the Witanmoot such behaviour as has been going on, not to cover it up. It is her duty to challenge the Guard and the Citadel if need be when such excesses occur. It is her duty to release those held without charge, rather than keeping them in our prisons, at our expense." He claimed that she has signally failed in all these duties, demonstrating that she is unfit for the post of Chair of Law and Order, and he demand that she resigns immediately. This request was met with what can only be described as disdain by Alderman Hastings who refused to rise to the debate and simply reiterated her previous statement on the matter.

The return of Alderman Maureen Quiller aboard the consortium ship Pugnacious turned out to be a rather dramatic event. The Pug struggled into Linrodeth's port during a severe storm several days later than most sensible captains (and for that matter some fairly brave captains) had docked for the Winter. The ship was sailed superbly and, much to everyone's surprise, manage to make it into port and indeed to the dock. However the ship subsequently sank due to the damage caused by the storm. The reason for this desperate last minute dash to Linrodeth by the ship's military crew turns out to be the delivery of a most vital staircase for the new Bottler mansion – once again your shipping budget at work.

Sea trials of the new 700 tun Resolute class ships have proven the ships to be better than anyone's expectations. Indeed Aldermen Bottler and Cutario have been wandering around in a smug haze ever since the first sea trial. The height of the ships more closely resembles the 1000 tuns cogs of the old Royal Navy, but are proving to handle better under full sail. The ships have now been laid up for the Winter and will formally join the fleet in the spring. The Consortium offices on the docks are now inviting tenders for the cargo of the four ships which will be sailing commercially next season. The four remaining on military patrol will manifestly be a major boost to the city's defences.

The battle lines for the Midwinter Elections have now been clearly drawn. Aldermen Marcus Lambourne and Alan Monterey have clearly formed a campaigning alliance against the might of a Trueman Faction which has no intention of relinquishing power which it believes it is using well. Indeed with strong personal attacks launched this month by Alderman Trueman upon both Jim Bottler and Petro Cutario, whose factions continue to co-operate with each other, it would seem that three equally sized and distinct groups are emerging as the choice at the elections. The Trueman "stability" faction, the Bottler/Cutario "remember there's a war on" factions and the oppositions' "change everything" Lambourne/Monterey grouping. The key election seats this year therefore look likely to be Arpent, Avigon, Cartage, Dowgate, Kingsgate, and Shambles.

The Theatre Royale has announced a new extravaganza to open at the turn of the year called "A Midwinter Knight's Story". It will of course star the delightful Miss Felicity Mint in the lead role as the Lady Arasandra, Queen of the Fairies. The show is expected to be a sell-out sure-fire success given the well-known scantily clad nature of the faerie queens.

Alderman Marcus Lambourne has launched his Midwinter Election campaign with a major speech on the nature of the Witanmoot and a call for its reform which was resolutely blocked by Lady Andrews. Whilst being careful not to criticise the Aldermanic court directly, he bemoaned the lack of involvement in the governance of the City by the Court of Common Council. Describing the Council as being full of people who "have also given long years of service to the Witanmoot" and who have "played a vital role in building the prosperity of the City of Linrodeth" he questioned why "when it comes to the elections for the Committee Chairs, the Envoys, the Sheriffs and the Lord Chief Magistrate, these men and women are without a voice, unable to bring their wisdom and experience to bear on these vital decisions." He went on to declare that "The time is ripe to make a sea change in the way we handle these elections, to make the process more democratic." In a clearly pointed remark at the current Lord he commented that "Now, I know that democracy is regarded by one or two individuals as a dirty word, but I feel sure that the majority of the Aldermanic Court are staunch defenders of this vital principle. He then formally proposed the following motion:

"In the interest of making its internal processes more democratic, the Witanmoot instructs that, whilst the rules governing candidates eligibility for the offices of Committee Chairs, Envoys, Sheriffs and Lord Chief Magistrate shall remain unchanged, as from the coming Midwinter elections:

1) The electoral college in the elections for Committee Chairs and Envoys shall be extended to include both Aldermen and Councillors, with the Lord Chief Magistrate retaining a casting vote.

2) The electoral college in the elections for Sheriffs shall be extended to include both Aldermen and Councillors, with the Lord Chief Magistrate retaining a casting vote.

3) The electoral college in the elections for the Lord Chief Magistrate shall be extended to include both Aldermen and Councillors.

The motion was seconded by Alan Monterey who described it as "in line with our desires to properly represent the citizens of Linrodeth that all the Witanmoot should be party to such decisions, not just a few." He commended the proposals as leading to a greater accountability of our leaders to the people of this city. The motion was however refused by a clearly well briefed Lady Andrews who commented, "Whilst I am always interested in schemes to improve the functioning of the Witanmoot, especially when they are sponsored by two very experienced politicians, I am extremely surprised and disappointed by the lack of research evidenced by it. I would have thought that these two worthies would have made enquiries with the Hahnite temple before introducing this to the Witanmoot. The current system for electing the Lord and Sheriffs was authorised by our late King and confirmed by Princess Selina. This house does not have the authority to change that system, and I for one have no intention of explaining to Princess Selina why we have attempted to usurp her authority." She then promptly moved next business.

Late News!

Initial thoughts that this year's Ghostmoons festival would pass uneventfully have been dashed by the discovery of an entire room full of Reshites mysteriously killed during a sacrificial ritual. According to reports leaking from the Torian Temple, there were no signs of any injuries whatsoever and all of the participants seem to have dropped dead where they were standing. Except that is for the victim who died from a knife wound to the heart. The house in Marshgate has been sealed off and the identities of those involved are being kept secret, although rumours suggest that most of them were Kerunians. One local resident described being woken at midnight by several blood curdling screams and a bright flash of light. Speculation is rife that a daemon has been summoned to the city.

Late Late News! Late Late News! Late Late News!

The coastal warning beacons have been lit! It is unclear whether they warn of an invasion by land or by sea, but General Olvini has mobilised his troops despite the snow, and the Admiralty are busy relaunching as many ships as possible. Citizens are warned to stand ready.