The Chronicle

of the month of Lorinfall in the year 137

We open this month's Chronicle with news of a great victory. Prince Edward has (at great cost) taken the barbarian stronghold of Cair Taned. This victory is a major relief to the merchants of this city. A senior member of the Vintners Guild commented:- "The removal of this threat to our trade routes is particularly good news. It means that next year we will be able to bring goods through the mountains in relative safety. Prince Edward is to be congratulated."

The Chroniclers note that the merchants of the city of Salvoyn are already within striking distance of the Taned pass, and will be the only ones able to get through before the pass is again closed by the onset of winter. These merchants are likely to make "a killing".

Bad luck continues to dog the construction of the new Hahn Law School. Last week work slowed even further when a labourer was killed in what is thought to have been a subsidence of the foundations.

The Temple of Daleth has given thanks for this years bountiful harvest. The success is in part due to the new strain of barley which was introduced by the Temple a few years ago, and which is more resilient to damp summers. Grain prices have already fallen, despite an attempt by members of the Cornmongers Guild to maintain them at last years levels.

Rumours reaching the Chronicle this month suggest that trouble is brewing amongst the factions in the floating market. Citizens are warned to take greater than usual care if in the vicinity of this market.

The sea monster was again sighted early last month. The beast is believed to have attempted to reach the port under cover of the early morning fog. However a diligent watchman at the Citadel spotted the creature and the Citadel's weaponry was brought to bear. One of the catapults claims a direct hit, after which the beast was seen to drift out with the tide. It has not troubled the city since and may even be dead.

The Chronicle is pleased to note that no new 'barbed arrow' murders have taken place. Perhaps Councillor Tholin was not as unsuccessful as we thought.....

Amongst a cargo full of rare and valuable furs, Master Skinner Cuthbert de Cranford has found a black and silver pelt of unknown origin. De Cranford has graciously presented the fur to the Bards College, who are in turn eager to talk with anyone who can help them identify the pelt.