The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 137

Several independent eyewitnesses have reported seeing a large greenish bulk at the mouth of the River Ishtan. Attempts to dismiss this as floating debris were confounded when it started to move upriver, against the flow of the tide. It continued a short way into the Ishtan and then submerged. These reports are particularly disturbing in view of the recent and still unexplained loss of the merchant ship 'Hogwash'.

The rally called for by Marc the Thatcher was attended by over a hundred people, mainly Thatchers families. The assembling of the rally at Newgate was watched by an interested Citadel guard from the battlements. The good-humoured crowd made their noisy way through the City to the Witanmoot, where they drew the councillors attention to the plight of the Thatchers. Rumours that the part of the rally led by Marc ended up at the Levestone in error appear to be utterly unfounded.

Readers may remember an article last month wherein a possible sale of land by the Hahn Temple was considered. The Chroniclers are pleased to be able to publish (at last) an official comment by the Temple;

Sirs, It has come to our notice that certain erroneous and misleading articles concerning the Temple of Hahn and purporting to originate from so-called informed sources have recently been appearing in your publication. During the summer recess the Temple has decided that the existing Law School? is to be demolished and new expanded premises with the same function will be constructed on the same site. There is no question of the lands being sold, nor is there any truth in the rumours concerning the temple's financial situation. Certain of the Guilds of the City have seen fit to bestow generous gifts towards the rebuilding of the Law School, which commonly serves to improve the services provided by the Temple. These gifts will not have escaped the notice of the Holy Trinity? whose blessings will ever fall upon the deserving just. -- The Temple of Hahn

As the be-dusted buildings of their neighbours eloquently testify, the demolition is now half completed. An observer at the start of the work reports that the work has been cursed and ill-omened, but could not identify the hag that foretold this.

Gax is on tour this month, but readers are reminded that he returns to Linrodeth on the 29th to speak at the 'Empty Barrel'. As a prelude to this event our roving reporter has been to this respectable "councillors' local" to sample the fare. Chinon particularly recommends imbibing the 'Marcstons Old Peculiar', the house special of this establishment.

Councillor Tholin's team of investigators appear to have shelved the murder investigation "pending further information". Their enquiries were apparently not helped by the non-cooperation of the bereaved families. Councillor Tholin is, however, pleased to report the following facts discovered by the team: The murderer is female, about 5'6" in height. The murders occur at the end of a Tuesday watch. The murderer is believed to have 4 barbed arrows remaining (of a make which has now been withdrawn from sale in Linrodeth).

Councillor Tholin commented; "We are unable to go any further with the investigation due to obstruction by the Morgan and Wainwright families. The team should not be considered to have failed. Considering the difficulties they had to overcome they did a magnificent job".

An open letter to the Masons Guild.

Sirs, I find your rejection of my accusations bland and uninspired. As every councillor is aware, the Carpenters? act for the Masons in council. The financial interests of these two guilds overlap enough for it to be unnecessary for the Masons to stand for election for them to exercise effective means of achieving their aims. My imprisonment was a blatant and despicable attempt to prevent me and my fellow workers from forming a guild, which would of course mean that the builders (guess who) would have to start paying us a decent return for our labours.

Marc, Thatcher

Dear Sirs, I wish to commend the Master masons and their guild for not sinking into sloth when faced with a shortage of work. Instead they promote the new sport of bugger to occupy their apprentices?, saving the latter from idleness and boredom which might have given rise to who knows what mindless violence. Even when a game is over bugger still provides occupation for the apprentice masons as the survivors build and decorate the tombs.

C. Ncur Esq.