The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 137

The last days of Lorinfall have seen a massive increase of violence in the floating market. A bitter internal war, aided by fire, has destroyed a large portion of the floating slums. A detachment of the Kings Archers is keeping watch from the section of city wall above the river, and the area is said to be "quiet". Fishermen report that most of the dead are Cursos, and indeed a small flotilla of these people are now moored around Masons Stairs, refusing to return across the river to the floating market.

Earlier in the month D'Alenson, the notorious cat-burglar, escaped from Marshgate prison which had held him for over two years. Several days later an archer was found stabbed to death on the northern wall overlooking the marshes. The events may not be connected, but certain nervous Goldsmiths have seen fit to set a rooftop guard.

Merchants from the southern border bring the interesting news that the Crown Prince has graciously knighted Roger Colleton, his household chamberlain. The unexpected ennoblement of a Scrivener's son from Salvoyn has caused some surprise, and the Knight Marshall is openly furious after so many of his own recommendations were refused "for lack of funds". Sources at the Citadel have confirmed that Sir Roger Colleton is currently writing a history of the Prince's Gelt Campaign.

Citizens of Linrodeth,

May I, on behalf of the College, thank all those keen zoologists who have called on us throughout the past month. I trust that it will not be taken amiss if I point out that the College welcomes all knowledge freely given, but will not exchange coin on this matter. I trust that all misunderstandings have now been fully clarified.

Archivist Major

Chinon Starsinger is extolling 'The Sea-Serpent' as this months place to eat out. The lampreys in galantine sauce come highly recommended, although the owner is prepared to flambee almost anything at your table. (River opposite for those of a nervous disposition.)

The Court of Common Council and the Aldermanic Court have elected Master Raphael Fitz-Simmons of the Grossers Guild as the next Lord Chief Magistrate of the City.