The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 146

The remains of the Floating Market are still smouldering, two weeks after its destruction. Lord Dixon's decisive action to deal with the grain theft shocked many, but has in general received widespread approval. Lord Dixon's ultimatum to the market, demanding the return of the grain, resulted in only a fraction of the stolen amount being returned and late on the night of the 7th of Kryll the destruction on the market started. It is not clear if the order was given because the deadline was reached or in response to the large exodus from the market or the acts of violence being perpetrated against the citizens watching. However the destruction, once ordered, was thorough. The market was fired at a number of different points by infiltrators from the Witanmoot Guard, and despite the cold weather was burning throughout its length. Units from the Guard and the general citizenry prevented the criminals from invading Dowgate or gaining the Bridge, although the refugees were permitted to make their way along the river and out of the City. By morning Sheriff Ann Tasker was able to announce that the entire river slum had been destroyed. Temporary repairs to the section of the Bridge which collapsed during the fire, appear to be holding, but are unlikely to last the Winter.

Cripplegate Ward has been suffering from an outbreak of illness which has left its cesspits overflowing. Many of the residents seem to have already caught the disease and whilst the Torians have not imposed a quarantine, they advise people not to use any wells in the affected area. Concern is growing for Cllr Poppy Soboll, one of the first victims of the disease, who is now close to death in the Torian Temple.

A large body of refugees from the Floating Market is now encamped outside Newgate and the Gate Guard have been busy keeping them out of the City whilst keeping the road open. Despite their efforts some made it into the City and small encampments have formed in the more vacant Wards, with a particular concentration in Faringdon. Whilst most of the City seems indifferent to their fate Vanessa St Lawrence has been actively campaigning for the City to provide shelter for them "I find it astounding that the Witanmoot is prepared to let these people freeze to death" she said. She has proposed the following motion to the Court of Common Council: "This Council instructs the Committee For Welfare And Education to provide shelter and food for those people made homeless by the destruction of the Floating Market". Some religious groups have also been helping the scum with food provided by the Sisters Of Mercy being particularly well received, a small soup kitchen has also been provided by the Grossers. However Alderman Miranda Andrews of Cartage has expressed concern that the problems of the Floating Market may just have been moved to her Ward.

A further grouping of Solistel and Babel has established a camp beyond the Torian Temple. The group, which escaped upriver by boat at the very start of the market's destruction, have dug ditches around their camp and at one stage started to erect fortifications. However an ultimatum from Lord Dixon soon stopped this and they now seem to be attempting to encourage citizens to visit them. Boats from this group have already started trade during the day, returning to the camp at night. Polite requests from Alderman Alice Fytton (who seems to have suddenly become a Dixon supporter), for the destruction of this camp have been rejected with the revelation that the land is being legally rented from Baron Beeching. One person who has not been offering Lord Dixon his support is Adam Avery, who spent most of the preceding weeks organising his wards response to the Floating Market troubles completely independently of the Witanmoot. He has been reserving judgement on Lord Dixon's handling of the Floating Market incident until more information is provided. and told the Chronicle, "I look forward to a full justification from Lord Dixon – it should be good". Avery has also been investigating the new plans for a city wall which runs through his ward and which is continuing to cause controversy.

Sheriff Shefford has had no luck tracking down the group who burgled her house some weeks back, and has now advertised a purse of 10s for any information leading to the arrest of the criminals. The funds appear to have been privately donated by Alderman Monterey, who seems to be almost as worried by the theft as she is. Her fellow sheriff Ann Tasker now seems to be going through a sticky patch in her relationship with Alan Monterey. Rumours persist that during her command of the Floating Market's destruction, she placed the overly-protective Monterey under house arrest to keep him out of the way.