The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 146

The first ice and snow of the winter has arrived, closing the roads and neatening the various refugee camps outside the city with a uniform layer of white. The ex-inhabitants of the Floating Market appear to be settling into their shacks for the winter, and no attempt has been made to move back to the river slum. The site of the Floating Market is eerily silent and deserted, with only a few food stands and souvenir sellers appearing during daylight to cater to the curious onlookers. These included Lady Perignon who commented, "I remember Matthew referring to the Floating Market as a burning issue, but I didn't think he meant it literally." The blackened timbers of abandoned boats and rafts look set to become an interesting obstacle for skaters once the ice thickens on the river. A contingent of Masons has already ventured under the bridge to inspect the fire damage and suck teeth in an offensive manner. Up at the Witanmoot, Cllr St Lawrence's motion that: "This Council instructs the Committee For Welfare And Education to provide shelter and food for those people made homeless by the destruction of the Floating Market", was roundly defeated, despite vociferous support from Alderman Monterey's faction. He has instead begun organising donations of food and blankets for the refugees.

The Chroniclers are saddened to announce the death of Councillor Poppy Soboll after a brief and unpleasant illness. Cllr Soboll, who did much to enliven the social events of the Witanmoot, died in the Torian Temple on Fourthnight, Firstweek. Her estate has been left to a senior journeyman who, like many other householders within that ward, is also ill. The Torians are investigating possible causes, but have already ruled out possible infection by the river slum refugees. This has not re-assured the Guards, who are taking a dim view of any non-citizens attempting to enter the City Gates, The Guards are especially nervous after a wizened crone, returning from gathering marsh herbs in the twilight, proclaimed "The Hour of Doom is at hand, for the mildewing mist surrounds the towers, and none now can stop the Retribution which comes. Buy some comfrey root for luck, deary?"

The Masons Guild looks set for a prosperous year in 147 after announcing a contract to construct the first proper Guildhall of the Thatchers within the ward of Bassishaw. Guildmaster Marc Bergeren, who was instrumental in winning the Thatchers their charter back in 138, commented "The fact that we've been able to secure the funds to build this hall so soon after establishment is a vindication of His Majesty's decision to grant us a charter, with the result that we can receive a fair recompense for our labours." Observers note that the Thatcher's decision to opt for a stone hall, although apparently expensive, will avoid any direct disputes with the Carpenters Guild which opposed them for so long. Alderman Downe has welcomed the new development within the ward, adding that it was another splendid example of the rebuilding of the city after the Great Fire.

The annual beer festival has moved back to Welland this year after recent events made the Portsoken warehouses unsafe. The Empty Barrel laid on several barrels of Marcson's Old Peculiar and Reg's Best as well as guest beers such as Speckled Pheasant, Pendentite's Tipple and Dark Dawn. The festival, which has grown somewhat since last held in Welland, severely stretched the local watch and Alderman Isenbard was eventually forced to restrict entry to Coopers Row to prevent a crush. It is though that this action probably saved the life of the Grosser's Treasurer, who was attacked by a knifeman halfway through the event. Participants report that the man had been "acting suspiciously" during the evening, and so was quickly intercepted when he tried to assault Cllr Marcos. The assailant is being held in the ward lock-up until he recovers enough from the arrest to withstand questioning.

Sheriff Alison Shefford has received an early Yuletide gift in the form of a bedraggled Colin the Keys, who was brought in by a local Baron earlier this month. It seems that the felon unsuccessfully attempted a career change to highway robber after splitting up from his earlier cronies. Future career choices look likely to be restricted even further. No more light is being thrown on the elapsed time during the burglary, which he and Lank John spent sampling the pantry and wine cellar while the other two explored upstairs. The Witanmoot Guard confirm that fellow prisoner Guy de Tabarie was less than delighted to see him. So far the Bards College has not submitted any plea on behalf of their lapsed scholar.