A map of Linrodeth

On the far side of the river, west of the bridge, lies the port and docks, while the area to the east of the bridge on the far side lies the slums and tosh heaps.

In the very centre of the City surrounding the Mootstone lies the Witanmoot, the seat of the City’s governance.

Adjacent to the wards of Dracas and Ishtan and dominating the river is the Citadel, the residence of his majesty the King of Athion.

1. Castle Bard

12. Levestone

2. Temple

13. Bridge

3. Oldgate

14. Portsoken

4. Avigon

15. Shambles

5. Cripplegate

16. Welland

6. Faringdon

17. Kingsgate

7. Dowgate

18. Cadene

8. Berewic

19. Cartage

9. Arpent

20. Dracas

10. Marshgate

21. Ishtan

11. Bassishaw