The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 142

The harried Alderman of Levestone, Matthew Dixon, is offering a ten shilling reward for information leading to the arrest of the Levestone mugger. Last month this mugger assaulted a resident of Levestone who had attempted to prevent him removing the local copy of the Chronicle. Information gathered so far simply describes him as tall, well dressed with a foreign accent. He was seen to head off in the direction of the Witanmoot.

Lady Amelia and Sheriff Griffiths have been seen out and about town this month, with visits to the College production, music evenings and, most conspicuously, a fund-raising party at 'The Bullion'. This latter event culminated in a long conga of revellers, headed by our august duo, weaving back to the Citadel via the docks, Mrs Blessop's rose garden, the cellars of the Vintners Guild (thrice), Alderman Isembard's kitchen, the city ditch and the Royal Mews.

That well-known hypothetical envoy, Malcolm Mowbray, has been seen much in the vicinity of Sheriff Perignon this month, particularly during full council sessions. At one stage the two were seen in animated conversation, although the subject matter remains unknown since none of the many interested observers circled close enough to overhear. It was noted, however, the Mowbray had previously taken the precaution of acquiring a couple of bodyguards to cover his back.

In a surprise move Sheriff Perignon has appointed Alderman Ann Tasker chair of a special committee to investigate the disappearance of Armundus Septer from his prison cell last year. Alderman Tasker has already appointed Robert Beaureli, Martin Key, Arianne Pencric, David Northropp and Mary Hastings to assist her in this task. With her usual sure nose for where trouble (and a good fight) are to be found, Councillor Aralan Derwent has also been observed hanging around the prisons recently.

In the Witanmoot session there was uproar when Alderman Gibian Horl confessed that no budget or accounts were available for the Shipping Committee this year. He attempted to blame this on repeated meddling by his former faction, but this was perceived as a poor excuse for failing in his duties towards the city. After a noisy afternoon session, Alderman Horl resigned from his post as Chairman. This was followed by an announcement that the proposed Welfare and Education budget would be the same as the previous year.

The following day the Council reconvened to vote on the motion to censure Richard Saunders, which was proposed by Alderman Dixon. After a spirited debate in which the evils of enforced courtesy versus complete freedom of speech were disputed, the motion was passed by the extremely narrow margin of 146 votes to 130.

After a petition by the Vintners Guild, the Treasury has postponed until next budget day the outstanding tax owed by the orphanage founded and run by Gax the Heretic. The orphanage has been built on an abandoned vineyard to the east of the city, and it now appears that this plot of land was an outright gift to the orphanage from the Vintners Guild rather than, as initially assumed, a long term nominal lease. As the trustee landowner, Gax appears to be taking the debt to society very seriously. He has even been observed reprimanding some of the orphans who protested rather bluntly to the Treasury Committee.