The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 142

Lady of the City Samantha Cox has caused uproar in the council by proposing a £50 increase in the Witanmoot budget. The lion's share of this increase is to fund an expansion of the Witanmoot Guard to a total strength of 75. Proposing the new budget she told the council, "The council has seen fit to bestow many further duties on the guard this year. This is the minimum increase necessary for the guard to fulfil these duties properly. I don't believe it is right to fiddle the books by partially funding this from the trade budget or any of the other fudges that have been proposed. It's about time some members of this council realised that when they vote for an increase in service, they have to be prepared to back it up with an increased budget." What prompted this uncharacteristic outburst is unclear, but some sources have suggested that Lady Cox is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the number of 'worthy' motions which are being passed and then forgotten.

The campaigning for the midwinter elections is beginning to get underway, with Levestone, Welland and Dowgate emerging as the hottest wards. Cllr Buggs Moran has been canvassing to replace Alderman Mary Clifford. Buggs told the Chronicle, "Mary is a nice person, but the time when there were any nice solutions to Dowgate's problems has long passed." However, it looks as though the anti-Clifford vote will be split by Jocelyn Barnes who is campaigning vociferously on a policy of, "burn out the vermin in the floating market". Elsewhere in the city Matthew Dixon has been working hard to retain his Aldermanship, and Gillian Howe has launched a surprisingly strong campaign for the Welland Aldermanship.

Perhaps taking up the point made by Lady Samantha, Richard Firethorn has been continuing his work to bring fresh water to the city. An idea which the council voted for, but which it has been singularly ineffective in pursuing. In a surprise move Richard brought two Abbotts, of the Brynettes and the Torians, together for a meal to discuss the project. The Chronicle believes that this is the first time the religions have met since the Brynette bombardment of the Abbey of Gerlantia during the civil war, and congratulates him on this major breakthrough.

Roland and Julia Perignon have been seen looking at houses in Levestone, however the Chronicle expects that rather than buy an old house they will be acquiring some of the land freed up in certain riots last year, and building it themselves. The incentive behind this business expansion is rumoured to be a certain sheriff who has mentioned that "we wish to become a grandmother".

Ann Tasker has been continuing her investigation into the disappearance of Armundus Septer however, as she and Aralan Derwent have been discovering, the trail is somewhat cold. On the subject of Aralan Derwent, devoted Chronicle readers may be wondering as to the outcome of the article in last year's Chronicle of Ternost. We are now happy to report that our intrepid reporter Chinon has investigated and has been walking around with a smile on his face ever since.

Big, hearty Harry Truestaff has pulled of the, to him, coup of the year with Maud Blessop joining his faction. A faction which has never been noted for its abstinence and which may now be changing its title to the Party Party! Detailed planning for the Midwinter celebrations are already said to be underway, regardless of the election results.