The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 153

Lady Andrews has clearly demonstrated her authority over the Witanmoot with a clean sweep of successes in the Committee elections. All the candidates sponsored by Lady Andrews were without exception elected. There seems little chance now that she will not continue as Lord for another year. The victory for the Trueman faction was helped by the support of Maureen Quiller and Irvine Grendle. Rumours are circulating in the Witanmoot that Alderman Quiller has joined the Trueman faction in a role reporting directly to Lady Andrews. This surprise elevation of the previously outcast Reshite has certainly raised some eyebrows. Alderman Monterey was “shocked and appalled. Lady Andrews has chosen to appoint a Reshite as one of her closest advisers. This is no longer a matter of foolishness and stubborn pride, it is an active danger to the security of our city." The full results of the election are:

Treasury Melanie Romanie

TradeOlivia Warin (13) votes, Duncan Barnett (11) votes

Law & Order Mary Hastings (13) votes, Marc Bergeren (11) votes

Shipping Thomas Osbert

Welfare and Education Richard Saunders (18) votes, Judi Spich (4) votes

Lands and Agriculture Gilbert de Clare

Kerun Alison Shefford

Orissa Joanna Russell

Eresan Gillian Howe (16) votes, Sam Kutler (8) votes

Cascorach Hugo Merewell (13) votes, David Northropp (11) votes

Thus the only change from last year the Chairman for Lands and Agriculture which was required when Gemma Downe lost her position as Alderman of Bassishaw.

Princess Selina has formally convened a Council of War consisting of General Olvini, Admiral Coronado, Lady Andrews, and Sheriffs Davy and Bowden. The inclusion of Lady Andrews is being seen as a major policy shift by the Princess who has up until now not included the city in any of her councils. The fact that all three leaders of the city have been included is being seen as particularly significant. Citadel watchers have been also interested to note the amount of the Princess’ personal time that Alderman Jim Bottler has been permitted to occupy. Indeed several courtiers have been seen seeking out Alderman Bottler to lobby the princess on their behalf.

Amid the caution being exhibited by his fellow councillors William Trueman’s strong pro-war position has stood out this month. In a keynote speech to the Witanmoot, which he later repeated from the Mootstone, he called for Linrodeth to significantly strengthen its Navy in order to “build a sword to strike at the heart of our enemies” Preparations for war are continuing across the City with most wards stepping up their training and drill practice. Castle Bard and Faringdon have been particularly busy. However as yet there is no co-ordinated plan for this training and approaches vary from practising building barricades to practising storming them. Indeed some wags have suggested that the city looks like it is preparing to go to war with itself rather than some distant enemy.

Alan Monterey has gained widespread support for a motion he has proposed to Council which will immediately trigger a Sheriff’s election should Lady Andrews not be re-elected. He commended his motion to the Witanmoot pointing out that with Linrodeth at war it would not be wise to leave one of the Sheriffs posts unfilled until Midsummer. The full motion reads “The Witanmoot resolves that, should the Lordship elections for 153 result in the vacancy of a sheriff, then emergency elections for the posts of Sheriff will take place as early as possible in the following month in accordance with the normal rules of elections. These elections, if they take place, will replace the normal Midsummer Sheriffs elections.”

The Cornmongers and Grossers guilds are dealing with an increased number of complaints about prices and quantities of foods sold in the marketplaces. The Guildsmen stoutly maintain that guild policies and prices remain unchanged, but a large number of citizens are obviously stocking up before the spring thaw.