The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 153

A large fleet of warships, including all of the new classes of Consortium ships, has departed Linrodeth. The ships stopped at Kingsport to take on troops and then headed south. Despite the frenzied activities of the city’s councillors and the best investigative activities of the Chronicle, no-one has yet been able to determine their mission. Given the relatively small number of troops that the ships embarked, speculation has centred around a raid upon the Salvoyn navy. Although given the current stable relationship with Salvoyn this seems an unlikely course of action for Princess Selina to pursue. The other possibility is that sailing south was a ruse. Indeed, recently arrived merchant ships have not reported seeing the fleet. It may be possible that a small force is to be inserted up the coast to form a surprise part of the attack. Several commentators have also suggested that this may simply be an exercise to enable the ships to practice for the forthcoming attack upon the North.

This coming month’s budget negotiations look set to be fun. Rumours circulating suggest a massive tax increase in the offing in order to pay for the war. Jim Bottler is at the centre of negotiations and appears to be trying to agree everything in advance so that a united front can be presented to the populace. However the plans have leaked and the Chronicle is able to reveal that a £10,000 increase in the tax raised from the city is planned. How this will be put across to the citizens is yet unclear but with support for the war running high there may not be too much opposition. One insider suggested "The city has been under-taxed by Her Highness for years. She's finally found the excuse to put taxes back up without facing a rebellion."

The Archimandrite has made a pronouncement against the dangers of the worship of Resh. In an uncompromising sermon he described the worship of Resh as a mortal sin and expressed outrage that it was still being tolerated in Linrodeth. “This foul and evil heresy has brought forth the death of the old King and all the peace and stability which we had come to love under his reign. The blighted souls of those who follow Resh, even in misguided goodness, must be saved from their own folly. We must redeem them or destroy them to stop the evil which they worship”.

The Springtide arrival of produce and trade goods from the northern Weald has this year been accompanied by a large deputation of peasants to the major temples. Several villages to the north have been haunted by large swarms of wispy lights floating over the sea marshes, and by mysterious wailings through the winter nights. The peasants are begging the temples for the assistance of a senior priest willing to undertake an exorcism.

The seasonal thaw has also seen the arrival of a few welcome trade caravans from Adaqua via Cascorach. As well as re-supplying Linrodeth’s Kerunian citizens with luxury goods from home, the merchants also bring news of a further daughter for Duke Alexander. Princess Eleanor gave birth to Princess Amelia at the beginning of Galemir, and both are said to be doing well. The news echoes speculation around the citadel after Princess Selina recently required her mourning robes to be let out.

Alderman Cutario may be in trouble with his Wardmoot following an apparently spontaneous decision to sponsor an illegal soccer match. The local derby was taking place between the Chalkers and the Shooters, and their ingenious passage through the cheese market entertained the alderman enough that he offered his purse as a prise to the winning team. The Chalkers eventually triumphed with two bladders down the home well; and celebrations continued well into the night at the Empty Barrel.

Alderman Monterey has returned from an excursion into the icy north looking particularly pleased. His arduous travels around the border manors have resulted in the "rescue" of several cellarfulls of fine vintage wines which were apparently in terrible danger of being quaffed. The new border lords were only too pleased to turn their assets into hard cash, although they may be less pleased when they discover the final market value. The Vintners Guild is considering holding an auction of the finer vintages late next month.

The Chroniclers wish to apologise for any disruption to their services. They are currently in the midst of negotiations to buy larger and more derelict premises.

Late News:

Lady Andrews has been re-elected in the Springtide Lordship vote by 18 votes to 6. As expected she gained the support of the Trueman, Cutario and Bottler factions and was opposed by the Lambourne and Monterey factions. With everyone’s positions very clearly announced in advance, little politicking took place around the election, although Alan Monterey does appear to have made a concerted, earnest and largely ignored attempt to get others to “see sense”. Commenting on his support for Nicolas Bowden Marcus Lambourne stated “Given that Jenny still doesn’t want to be Lord we appear to have a choice of two evils, so I’m plumping for the one we haven’t tried before”.