Plays and Playhouses

One of the main forms of entertainment in Athion is go to see the latest play at one of the many playhouses. Even a small rural town will often play host to a touring troupe of actors staging a play in one of the taverns.

Within the city of Linrodeth there are many theatres. The most famous (and rivals) are the King’s Theatre and the Theatre Royal. Both have been patronised by both nobility and royalty, whilst many notables of the city have been seen at the venues.

At the lower end of the spectrum, the Fleapit Theatre has a certain reputation to live up to (or down to depending on your point of view).

While the Bard’s College is not a theatre, it does sponsor several plays during the year and the students are often seen as part of the cast and crew of many of the plays.

Travelling troupes are common as well, with many making tours around the country, often in spite of the dangers of bandits and worse. The profits to be made from staging of popular plays and from dramatising recent events ensures that these troubadours will continue to make the rounds.

Playwrights who can turn even the most mundane of events into dramatic and stirring scenes are in high demand (although many a mediocre play has been rescued by the acting troupe). The plays of the most popular are performed at regular intervals.

A short list of popular plays includes:

The Castaways

The Demon of Berewic

Il Dottore

Innocence Lost

King Lir

The Merry Wives of Faringdon

A Midwinter Knight’s Tale

Miros Pageant

The Opalite of Orissa

Persilus and the Golden Acorn

Please yourself

Roland and Julia

School for Sleaze