The Chronicle

of the month of Ternost in the year 155

The Service of Remembrance at Ghostmoons was a quiet and moving occasion. There were no security incidents despite the large crowd gathered in the outer ward of the Citadel. The night passed peacefully with the first fall of snow settling overnight.

The Midwinter elections next month are likely to see a number of closely fought battles. In Arpent Hugo Merewell is once again facing a challenge from Judi Spich, although he looks lily to hold his seat. In Bassishaw Marc Bergeren is facing a serious challenge from Gemma Downe whist in Berwick ex-Sheriff Hastings and fellow Truemanite Alderman Emma Chireton are slogging it out a no holds barded contest. In Cartage the fight between Alice Barbiter and Brunstan Blackbeard looks set to be even closer than it has been over the last few years with the normally heavy Trueman campaign in this ward looking decidedly lacklustre against a well managed Monterey campaign. In Kingsgate Adam Povre will probably once again hold against Godwin Green, although the contest should once again be close.

Perhaps the most interesting contests this year are those where the new Scathlocke faction is disrupting the old order. In Castle Bard Jessamine Scathlocke herself is rapidly closing on Gilbert de Clare. Alison Shefford looks resigned to loosing the contest but has so far refused to express a preference for which of the other two she would like to see as Alderman. A serious three way fight is also emerging in Dracas between Thomas Osbert, Randolf Flambourd and Scathlocke devotee Fanny Drake. The Scathlocke group's best chance at an Aldermanship however appears to be in Ishtan where Eliott Anderson looks set to defeat Eva Capel.

The Witanmoot has belatedly discovered that Maureen Quiller has unexpectedly departed to assist in the blockade of Salvoyn, along with a number of members of her household. With Nicholas Bowden now a Sheriff, Maureen was widely expected to regain her Aldermanship and her departure last month was a complete surprise. A spokesman for the household told the Chronicle, "The new Belisle port at Salvoyn is vital to the trade health of Linrodeth and the defeat of the evils of the false Reshites in Salvoyn. As a senior member of the Mercers Guild she sees it as her duty to go where Linrodeth needs her most. After all, we are at war." A warehouse fire in Ishtan ward was contained by the prompt action of local citizens. The Hodges Warehouse on Slip Street was completely gutted, but fortunately only half a dozen other buildings had to be pulled down to complete a fire break and prevent the blaze spreading. The warehouse is said to have been filled with linens and woollens awaiting shipment south. The fire is thought to have been started by a watchman's candle.

High winds have caused problems for the last travellers struggling to return to the city for the winter. Poor visibility and treacherous footing has made the bridge crossing especially hazardous. A number of wagons were overturned and abandoned on the bridge at the height of the blizzard, and were later removed by the City Guard. Citizens are reminded of their annual duty to keep the highways and byways of the city clear at all times, and to remove frozen beggars before they can accumulate underfoot.