The Chronicle

of the month of Kryll in the year 155

A major naval engagement has been fought in the Salvoynian estuary against a fleet out of Zedigal. Linrodeth's superior navy was eventually victorious, but the battle disrupted the blockade long enough for a large group of merchant vessels to break through to Salvoyn. Observers fear that the enemy may have been supplied with enough grain to last out the winter. Hopes for a swift end to the siege have been replaced by a grim determination to see it through despite the onset of winter. Of longer term concern to Linrodeth is the effect of Zedigal's hostility on merchant shipping heading south. Trade to Kerun is dropping off and there is some concern that the Treasury will have trouble balancing next year's budget.

The Nyskilde Venture Company has rallied its "settlers" in the Weald and has set out overland to Nyskilde. It is heading along the coast road, closely followed by a small fleet of well-paid fishing cogs carrying food and other essential supplies. The company still has a good chance of reaching Nyskilde before the winter sets in, but it is unlikely that any news of their fate will be had before Springtide.

The Citadel is pleased to announce that Princess Alexis has been reunited with her father. Dispatch riders from Fenny Bridges brought news that the princess was located in the wilds of the High Wolds, and will be returned to Cascorach forthwith. Officials are refusing to comment further, although it is understood that the young lady's immediate future may involve a religious establishment, or perhaps several.

The run-up to the Midwinter elections is getting underway in earnest, with the younger councillors particularly keen to hit the streets and set bunting out. Their seniors have been invited to the traditional pre-election discussion with her Highness Princess Selina. It was noted that Alderman Cutario returned looking no longer smug. At the start of the campaigning Jessamine Scathlocke is emerging as an Aldermanship candidate in her own right. The highly popular Cllr Bever Edge of Castle Bard has been extolling the virtues of Cllr Scathlocke. With Alison Shefford already trailing in third place it looks as though she may now be in a position to take the Aldermanship from Gilbert de-Clare.

An unexpected challenge to David Northrop's hold over the ward of Temple has emerged in the shape of one Dominic Horner. Cllr Horner's very well funded campaign has been spending money at an incredible rate and has completely caught Northrop off guard. Some groups in the Citadel have expressed concern that the Glaziers guild, which already has a number of prominent members in the Witanmoot is attempting to buy itself an Aldermanship.

Her Highness Princess Selina has announced that she will hold an official Programme of Remembrance for the dead of the war against Salvoyn. Although it will focus on the military, and in particular the brave sailors of Linrodeth's formidable navy, there will also be prayers for civilian lives lost. This unusual step has been taken in recognition of the many years that Salvoyn has spent targeting the most vulnerable inhabitants of our city. The service will be held at Ghostmoons in the grounds of the outer Citadel. Representatives from all major temples will be present and all citizens are invited to attend. This marks the first time that the Citadel has been made open to casual visitors in very many years.