The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 158

The main excitement in the Witanmoot this month has been the decision to re-establish the post of envoy to Nyskilde. Nervousness over the Citadel reaction has been allayed by Princess Selina's statement that she is delighted to see the City taking a lead in helping Nyskilde recover from its abandonment by the rest of Athion.

Audiences at The King's Theatre have been astonished by the most recent presentation from the Theatre's main troop. Innocence Lost is a compelling tale of deception, intrigue and disastrous love. It tells the story of a young Hahnite priest Benjamin, who strays from his vows for the love of Alessandria, a woman he meets in an apparent accident. Alessandria is in fact a witch who has used magic's to corrupt him. However she falls in love with his purity and, unable to bear her guilt, confesses all to him. The acting is superb and the scene in which Benjamin now a senior plenipotentiary orders the execution of his love for witchcraft is heartrending. But it is the final scene of the burning itself which stunned audiences. Those who have claimed that Miss Mint's primary skill has been a predilection for thin or very loose clothing will not be able to deny that in this scene she is astonishingly powerful in her portrayal of evil redeemed by the purity of Hahn and accepting of its fate. The Archimandrite himself has attended the play and the Temple has described it as a truly masterful portrayal of the evil and destruction that involvement in magic inevitably brings.

An embarrassed Alan Monterey has been forced to return to the city following his failure to break through to the court of King Kieran. Members of his guard have carried on to deliver the vital messages but it would appear that owning a large wine cellar and participating in midwinter forced marches are incompatible activates.

Prior to the intervention of the Fabricators nominations for the committee chairs were showing the almost inevitable stitch up with only one nomination for each post. However declaring that he and his colleagues wish to see the best people doing the jobs, Randolf Flambourd has proposed a number of nomination which open the contest up. The grouping, showing its determination not to become a faction, has even proposed multiple people for the same role. "We now wait to see which of our Aldermen will vote for the right people and which will follow orders and vote for the grubby deal we were first presented with" he announced from the Mootstone. The final nominations, which the Chronicle notes could now be described as mischievous, are:


Alison Shefford, Kyle Makeland


Duncan Barnett, Gregory Benton

Law and Order

Peter Ryman, Emma Chireton


Eva Capel

Welfare and Education

Rose Cheping

Lands and Agriculture

Marie Cripstead Martin Key

Envoy to Kerun

Tilly Falgar, Godwin Green

Envoy to Orissa

Hugo Merewell, Bever Edge

Envoy to Eresan

Alan Monterey, Jim Bottler

Envoy to Cascorach

Samuel Kutler, Godwin Green

Envoy to Western Isles

Gillian Howe, Adam Povre

Envoy to Nyskilde

Thomas Osbert, Jessamine Scathlocke

The gang responsible for the raid upon the Goldsmith Abbey Muddiman has been destroyed by a detachment of the city guard. Responding to a tip off the guard cornered the gang in its Ishtan hideout and after a brief fight despatched them. Most of the stolen funds have also been recovered.