The Chronicle

of Midwinter of the year 158

The Midwinter elections resulted in a dramatic change of power with a third of the Aldermen including committee chairs Melanie Romanie and Thomas Osbert losing their seats. Jim Bottler was the only Alderman in his faction to retain their seat, despite a general rise in support for his faction across the city. The "Fabricators” faction (as the Broiderers, Dyers, Clothworkers & Weavers, Skinners & Leathersellers and Drapers & Tailors guild grouping has become to be known) did well with Gregory Benton taking Cadene and Fanny Drake taking Dracas. The other new Alderman are Kyle Makeland in Avigon, Emma Chireton in Berewic, Cuthbert Slipton in Bridge, Alison Shefford in Castle Bard, Martin Key in Levestone and the previously unknown Ingrid Galton in Marshgate.

The changes seriously weaken the Bottler Faction and give William Trueman a commanding lead in the Aldermanic court. Alan Monterey is still strong and both Peter Ryman and Jessamine Scathlocke remain relevant. Given the way the votes have split Dominic Horner's one vote still mean that he has some opportunity to discuss participation in a coalition.