The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 156

Petro Cutario's farewell party to the Witanmoot has dominated social events this month. The newly ennobled Count hired the Brynette Temple's demonstration chamber (the largest domed space in the city), and also arranged for its under-floor heating to be well-stoked throughout. The dress code for the occasion was extravagant, but those turning up in velvets and thick furs were quickly forced to abandon several layers in the heat. The chamber had been turned into a tropical paradise with scores of imported exotic plants, fine pelts, caged birds and bejewelled butterflies. The redecorated dome with its new night-sky mosaic drew much applause (it is not known if the Brynettes will choose to retain the images of Miros, Baccelos, Hippone, etc. depicted thereon). The Kerunians in light silks were very much at ease, although lifelong Linrodeth citizens were highly scandalised at the lack of garments. The laden tables of mysterious foreign food also proved a hazard to the unadventurous, and many confined themselves to sampling the fountains of wine. Noticeably at ease was Her Highness the Princess Selina, resplendent in glittering costume as the Great Moon Goddess. The event culminated at Midnight with a spectacular aerial display of rope dancing by Kerunian artistes, flimsily clad, which Cutario cheerfully referred to as the "heavenly bodies". Shortly thereafter most of the great and good bid farewell and departed in horse-drawn sleighs, leaving the dance floor to the young and lively. At this point it seems that the interior temperature rose yet again, and much of the remaining guests' costumes, along with their restraint, were discarded. The revels continued until the late winter dawn, and the temple is even yet cleaning up and making repairs.

Once hangovers had subsided, the Witanmoot was treated to a major showdown between the old establishment and the new factions over the Witanmoot Investigation Agency. After Alderman Alan Monterey made a number of failed attempts to establish the control of the Law and Order Committee over the agency, a clearly frustrated Eva Capel has thrown down the following motion: "That the Witanmoot Investigation Agency be brought formally under the control of the Committee for Law and Order." The motion was immediately seconded by Jim Bottler and opposed by an incandescently angry Peter Ryman and a more thoughtful Jessamine Scathlocke. The latter pointed out that, "The criminal elements in this city do not play by the rule book and therefore I perceive no problem with the Agency using similarly unorthodox means". So far the Trueman and Davy factions have reserved their positions, but much lobbying has been going on in the corridors of power ahead of next month's vote on the motion.

Residents of Dowgate have been spooked by tales that some of the more grotesque ice sculptures come alive overnight. The City Guard have dismissed reports as "tales for the gullible", but the wardmoot has approved an official letter of complaint to the Bards College. The worthy citizens request that students desist from playing such practical jokes, as it is highly disturbing to the local children.

The Citadel Infantry has been perplexed, and somewhat irritated, by attempts from local citizens to inspect and audit their grain stores. Citizens are reminded that the Outer Ward is run under military law and, while access is permitted to the Court, the sentries' tolerance for sightseers is not unlimited. Future trespassers may be shot first and questioned later.

Normal business at the Witanmoot resumed with nominations for the committee elections. The full nominations are as follows:

Treasury: Mary Hastings, Melanie Romanie.

Trade: Dominic Horner; Alan Monterey, Marc Bergeren.

Law and Order: Peter Ryman, Eva Capel, Hugo Merewell.

Shipping: Thomas Osbert

Welfare and Education: Richard Saunders, Marie Cripstead

Lands and Agriculture: Gilbert de Clare

Envoy to Kerun: Gemma Downe

Envoy to Orissa: Bartholomew Hyde

Envoy to Eresan: Tilly Falgar, Gillian Howe

Envoy to Cascorach: Samuel Rucche, Joanna Russell

Envoy to the Western Isles: Jasmine Scathlocke, Samuel Rucche, Gregory Benton

New councillor Jessamine Scathlocke appears less than flattered by Jim Bottler's nomination of her to the Western Isles. Describing Bottler as, "A rich bully boy swaggering about the corridors of power, buying votes and thinking he can do what he wants!" Her indignation greatly moved Alderman Saunders, who announced his support for her faction. Scathlocke added that the nomination was a malicious and mischievous attempt to get a faction leader, who came close to upsetting the status quo, out of the way. "I will not be going to the Western Isles under any circumstances" she announced. Support for Bottler has however come from the unexpected direction of Lady Davy who declared that, "some of these newcomers need to learn that with election come obligation. Whilst I think Samuel Rucche would do a much better job, if the Witanmoot decides Jessamine Scathlocke is the right person for the Western Isles then she is going whether she likes it or not.".