The Chronicle

of the month of Galemir in the year 156

Lady Jenny Davy has astounded the Monterey, Bottler and Trueman factions by vetoing the Witanmoot's decision to bring the Witanmoot Investigation Agency under the control of the Law and Order committee. Only some members of Lady Davy's faction and the minor groups spoke against the motion. Not even Cllr Peter Ryman's impassioned belief that the Agency was the only group actually tackling crime, nor Cllr Jessamine Scathlocke's reminder that "the criminal elements in this city do not play by the rule book", prevented the Common Council from firmly supporting the motion. Lady Davy then caused both offence and outrage by declaring that "Given the recent trend towards putting political and personal gain above the benefit of the city, I am not willing to see the Agency loose its ability to investigate whomsoever and whatever it wishes."

Concern is growing across the city about the Citadel's near complete control of the grain supply. With the assistance of the recently ennobled Petro Cutario, the Citadel has acquired the vast majority of last year's grain. Although this is being currently being sold at market rates to the Cornmongers, many people have pointed out that come Springtide much of what is left could be shipped south to feed the navy. Concerned citizens have been predicting that shortages and unaffordable price rises will result. So far the Citadel has not seen fit to offer any reassurances.

Cllr Maud Blessop has been forced to apologise to the citizens of Faringdon following her outrageous behaviour during a recent football tournament at Ye Oval. The Faringdon apprentices were doing well until a decision by one of the Referees disallowed their winning goal. Cllr Blessop, still a formidable matron despite advanced years, personally invaded the pitch to give the unfortunate man a piece of her mind. The match was postponed and later the umpires (from the safety of a bunker) declared it to be a win for the Temple team.

The murder of wealthy Goldsmith Arthur Brakeman has sent shock waves through the Guilds of Linrodeth. Mr Brakeman, who is well known for his extensive investments in Zedigal, is thought to have run up significant losses recently. There was no sign of a break in or of any obvious burglary, and the City Guard suspects that the killing was the work of a professional assassin.

Cllr Jessamine Scathlocke has proposed that "The Witanmoot hereby orders that the nomination papers for Lord Chief Magistrate, Sheriffs, Committee Chairs and Envoys be signed by two proposers and by the candidate him or herself in order to be valid. "I take the envoy post very seriously indeed, as I do my duties within my ward; working directly for those who elected me and those who did not. It may be, at some future time, when I have gained more experience that I will be fitted to be an envoy for our city. I should then be only too proud to serve. But to be forced into it before I am ready is folly for both me and the Witanmoot." she declared.

Cllr Julia Delmarsh of Shambles has had her voting rights suspended because of tax arrears. The bankruptcy checks that prevent a councillor voting if they are more than two months in arrears with their poll tax payments is rarely used. However Alderman Marie Cripstead has taken the extreme measure because "Cllr Delmarsh is a persistent offender who could easily pay the tax if she cut back on her extravagant lifestyle".

In contrast to the heady atmosphere created by Lady Davy's use of the veto, the elections to the committees was a lacklustre affair. Alderman Gilbert de Clare took Lands and Agriculture in an uncontested vote, with all the other of committee chairs retaining their places. Although Marie Cripstead's bid to take Welfare and Education from Richard Saunders was only defeated by Lady Davy's casting vote. The potentially contentious Western Isles vote provided the one point of entertainment with rumours circulating that Lady Davy was prepared to use her veto yet. In the end this became unnecessary with Gregory Benton replacing Samuel Ruche who moves to look after Cascorach. All other Envoys remained in post. The final result were:

Chairman of the committee for the Treasury: Melanie Romanie

Chairman of the committee for Trade: Alan Monterey

Chairman of the committee for Law and Order: Eva Capel

Chairman of the committee for Shipping: Thomas Osbert

Chairman of the committee for Welfare and Education: Richard Saunders

Chairman of the committee for Lands and Agriculture: Gilbert de Clare

Envoy to Kerun: Gemma Downe

Envoy to Orissa: Bartholomew Hyde

Envoy to Eresan: Gillian Howe

Envoy to Cascorach: Samuel Rucche

Envoy to the Western Isles: Gregory Benton