The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 147

Citizens will be relieved to hear that the lethal pestilence in East Hill has died down and appears to be spreading no further. Fortunate survivors include Cllr Adam Avery, who has been working hard this month to secure the supply of clean water to the area for another two months. Although the duty remains unpopular with the Witanmoot Guard, the barrels have cost a mere £1 to supply and are unlikely to bankrupt the new committee for Welfare & Education. The abatement of the disease has been confirmed by Physickians from the Torian Temple, which has re-opened its doors in recent days. The re-opening of the temple gates was preceded by an unusual amount of activity by the Knights Hospitallers, who appear to have detained a number of people tending the nearby funeral pyres. So far the Witanmoot has not chosen to investigate the incident. The Abbot later released the following statement to the Chronicle:

"The Temple of Torus wishes to give notice that it accuses James Spooner, ex-journeyman of the Apothecaries Guild, of Malpractice and Misconduct. Citizens are advised not to purchase or use products from this person."

Teams of servants are still cleaning up the Citadel after a most enjoyable Midwinter Ball. Despite the Knight-Marshall's obvious misgivings, the 'Fire, Flame & Flare' celebrations were carried out with remarkably little scorching of the interior furnishings. However it appears that cavalry knights are once again going to have to apologise to the Queen for the state of her rose garden. Highlights of the evening included a lavish and outrageous Miros Pageant from the Vespasian Players, and a spectacular procession from the kitchens of the banquet food immersed in supernatural blue flames. Despite the absence of the Royal Family, who are overwintering in Cascorach this year, the court displayed a remarkable selection of new fashions. The 'Phoenix' theme appeared to be especially popular amongst the younger members, and resulted in a number of rather risqué feathered costumes. A good number of Brynette priests were invited to attend, and commentators speculate that this may be the turning point for a religion long ignored by the Royal Court.

At the Witanmoot, Alderman Monterey has tabled the following emergency motion for debate next month: "That the Treasury shall make available such funds as are required from the City Reserves to pay for the repairs required to the bridge." Much of the councillors' activity was concerned with the nominations for the committee chairmen. This has already resulted in a surprise loss of the powerful Treasury post from the Monterey faction, who may have been concerned that their gain of both sheriff posts last year was too obviously power-hungry. The Treasury post was promptly cornered by Lord Dixon's faction, who have no such concerns. The other uncontested posts were that of Shipping, which has gone to the silkmerchant Arianne Pencric, and Eresan envoy which is now Marcus Lambourne. The full nomination list is as follows:




Martel, Rimon, Warin

Law & Order

Derwent, Tholin



Welfare & Education

Andrews, Beaureli, Horl, Monterey

Lands & Agriculture

Downe, Romanie

Salvoyn Envoy

Blessop, Hastings, Jardine

Nyskilde Envoy

Davy, Travers

Eresan Envoy


Cascorach Envoy

du Bolay, Dunn

Those citizens who thought that the chances of a City Orphanage went up in smoke during the Great Fire may be encouraged by recent developments in Faringdon. Councillor William Trueman has spent much of the month in negotiation with householders in that ward to purchase land for a possible orphanage. Proceedings are said to be in an advanced stage for one burgage plot on Little Bear Lane, and further enquiries are being made about clusters of shacks in the adjacent alleys and mews. Rumours that sponsorship and donation requests have been sent to Guild Treasurers have not yet been confirmed, but it is hoped that the newly elected Witanmoot will nonetheless take a keen interest in developments.


Due to the unfortunate closure of the Torian Temple I have published this fact sheet to help you care for your loved ones. I wish you a speedy return to good health.

Cllr William Trueman


For loose bowels, take the yolk of seven eggs, twice as much of clarified honey, the medullary portion of a wheaten loaf reduced to fine crumbs, and a pennyworth of powdered pepper. Boil them together and eat warm. To relieve nausea of the stomach, take an infusion of the clove pink, mix with honey, the powder of anise-seeds and fennel seeds.

The industrious councillor has also taken the trouble to sponsor the adjacent health notice for all victims of the current illness. Another regular advocate of the Torians, Alderman Derwent, was admitted to the Temple two weeks ago and has not been heard from recently.

Notices posted in the ward of Kingsgate reveal that Sheriff Ann Tasker will formally divorce her husband next month. Goldsmith Michael Beresford and the sheriff have been estranged for a few years, but neighbours had believed that a legal separation would not be sought until after their son was apprenticed.