The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 146

The illness which has debilitated Cripplegate these past few months has spread to parts of neighbouring wards after a difficult month which saw many of citizens laid low. The Torians have been forced to close their gates because so many of their own priests are ill after working within the afflicted ward. The Abbot has sent out a call for anyone with healing skills to report to the temple where their assistance is urgently needed. Following an inspection of the Infirmary last month, Cllr Adam Avery proposed the following emergency motion to the Court of Common Council: "That the council fund the transfer of water into Cripplegate for the duration of the illness, and one month subsequently." This was approved unanimously and the Witanmoot Guard have been sent in to isolate local wells and cart barrels of clean water to the area. Unhappily the Portsoken councillor has himself fallen ill with the disease and is being kept in isolation at home where his wife describes his condition as "tenuous". The civic funeral and cremation of Poppy Soboll took place late last month but was poorly attended by her fellow Witanmoot councillors. Most dignitaries opted to send written tributes and flowers rather than risk infection.

Investigations into the attack on Cllr Marcos have been allegedly successful despite the escape and subsequent death of the would-be assassin. The attacker has been identified as one Jack Sculler, an ex-resident of the Floating Market with known connections to the Toddman. Whether the original attack on Cllr Marcos was ordered by the Toddman remains unclear. Before his death Sculler identified a number of his co-conspirators and it is believed that he was killed in order to prevent him from disclosing more information or being a witness. Fortunately another conspirator was arrested during Sculler's escape attempt and this person is now being held and questioned further by the Witanmoot Guard. Cllr Tilly Falgar has protested that the ward watch should not have had to deal with such a dangerous case in the first place. However Alderman James Isenbard has defended this decision, pointing out that a civilian investigation was able to collect information more widely than the guards. Local carpenter Jim Bottler, the courageous leader of the watch investigation, commented, "There were a few problems and a bit of a scrap, but our local knowledge paid off and I don't think the Witanmoot Guard could have done any better. I am proud of my men."

The Floating Market area of the river is doing brisk business now that the ice has thickened and many ex-inhabitants have returned to set up shop during the day. The reduced market has cleaner, more exotic contents than most people remember from before the fire. The site is already proving popular as a source of unusual Yuletide gifts, and is being used by many citizens in preference to shops on East Hill in or near Cripplegate. The refugee camp outside Newgate has also become more ordered after hard work by many almoners from the city. The soup kitchen provided by the Grossers Guild has started distributing blankets and other goods collected from Alderman Monterey's appeal, and this is reducing the number of deaths in the camp.

The campaign election season is with us once again, adding colourful bunting and much hot air to this chill time. The most prolific colours are Beatrice's Burgundy and the Derwent Cream which are found in almost all wards in the city, although never in direct competition with one another, even to the extent of Lady Perignon allowing Aralan an uncontested run in Berewic. Trueman's Apple Green is decorating Cartage and most of the East Hill, where other campaigners are fearing to tread. Monterey has provided some discrete Indigo flags for insistent supporters in Levestone and Avigon, with all bunting reserved for Faringdon where the Trueman green is strongest. The Avery and Dixon factions have had to improvise campaigns from last years material and their colours are seen in only three wards each, mostly along the Ishtan docks.

The Brynette Temple has noticed a sudden increase in attendance now that The Citadel has announced a 'Fire, Flame and Flare' theme for the Midwinter Ball this year. Courtiers are also exploring ideas with the Dyers, Drapers and Apothecaries Guilds, although Citadel commanders have already banned 'Snapdragon's Experimental Candles' for security reasons.


This year's most exciting finish of the Midwinter elections took place in Portsoken, where a three way fight ended in a surprise change in the Aldermanship. Early voting revealed a strong lead for Worton, Avery and Russell, with the split challenge looking likely to leave Worton in control. An emergency lunchtime meeting by the remaining Avery faction resulted in a decision to swing support behind a single challenger and, in light of Adam's continuing ill-health, the group chose elderly waterman Geoffrey Russell. The team worked on neighbours throughout the afternoon, and were rewarded at the count with the news that Russell had won, with Avery and Worton coming in a close second and third.

An equally close election in the hotly contested ward of Welland looked like returning Gillian Howe as alderman, displacing James Isenbard for the first time in over a decade. Fortunately for the Derwent faction the situation was rescued by the Marcs' family, who swung in behind the Isenbard campaign during the afternoon, strongly endorsing James as the Law & Order choice for the local residents. The fight went to three recounts after sunset, with Alderman Isenbard retaining his post by the narrowest of margins. A close finish also took place in Cartage, where Helen Kreft just failed to beat Miranda Andrews. The bowyer eventually opted not to ask for a recount against her friend and Guildmaster.

A solidly run campaign by Judy Spich resulted in her election over Douglas du Bolay as alderman for Arpent. Nearby in Berewic, Aralan Derwent retained her post despite an extremely low turnout which saw her votes slump from last year. Quinn, Fytton and Hubold all improved their margins to gain solidly safe seats. Ex-sheriff Griffiths was returned to serve Dracas but failed to displace Alderman Brehon. Suzan Faithside and Mary Clifford both failed to be re-elected at all. The Chroniclers would like to welcome newcomers Richenda Sylvanus, Hywel Duthon, Abigail Chastellain, Oliver March, Maureen Quiller and Stefan Leaming plus the return of the renowned apothecary Tilly Falgar, to the Court of Common Council