The Chronicle

of the month of Skelern in the year 146

Alderman Ann Tasker has abandoned her own faction and political ambitions and aligned herself with the increasingly influential Alderman Alan Monterey. Alderman Tasker who is known to have had talks with a number of powerful people over the last few months commented. ''"I've long admired the way Alan has taken the lead in facing up to the City's problems and am delighted to be joining his team"''. However not everybody is happy with Alderman Monterey, especially it would seem ex-Alderman Martin Key who has quietly moved to sit with the new grouping forming around Ellana Cressoniere.

Plans for the Noordic envoy to address the Witanmoot are now nearly complete. The ambassador will travel amid strict security, and is expected to address a closed session of the council for about an hour. Rumours from the Citadel suggest that negotiations are going well, however the Kings Navy still appears to continuing preparations for a major campaign to regain the city of Nyskilde in the spring. There are a large number of troop carrying ships being prepared, and the lengthy meeting between Sheriff Matthew Dixon and Sir Henry Longbridge has led to concerns that Linrodeth would be required to provide a force to travel north. Reg Marc has announced last months beer festival to be a resounding success. ''"The quality of the bears on tap was marvellous,"'' he commented. Our reporter Chinon Starsinger agreed so much that his report on the event has yet to be received. With nearly every brewer in the city making an entry this was a unique opportunity to sample the best (and the worst) the City has to offer.

Adam Avery seems to have occupied himself away from the Witanmoot this month, perhaps it was the desire to avoid all the 'helpful' suggestions from his colleagues or the embarrassment of being abandoned by Ann Tasker, but Adam popped in only long enough to make a few nominations and disappeared again before anyone could corner him for a conversation about the forthcoming Lordship elections. On the home front the Cllr's attempts to talk to his estranged wife are providing hours of fun for the crowd of onlookers which has gathered near his residence. Rumour has it that the couple have met on neutral ground at Aunty Beatrice's, but that Adam has yet to be forgiven for his escapades with the Priestess.

Nominations for the various committees have followed the same pattern of returning to safe and known options which were seen in the Council elections. Alison Shefford was once again unopposed and retains her now customary place as Treasurer, whilst her great friend Olivia Warin returned surprisingly uncontested to her position as Trade Chair. Jemma Down also took the Lands & Agriculture chairmanship without a contest. By contrast, Shipping and Law and Order look set to turn into major fights with three contestants going for each. As expected, Aralan Derwent will be challenging Ann Tasker for the Law and Order seat, in what may well turn out to be a precursor for the lordship elections in a few years time. Shipping will also be strongly fought, although Eliott Anderson may once again benefit from a three way split in the vote. Amongst the Envoys Susan Faithside is attempting to move from Cascorach to the more influential Salvoyn post, and has opened up an interesting contest for Cascorach in the process. Finally and perhaps not surprisingly, nobody seemed willing to challenge Alan Carter for Nyskilde.





Law & Order

Tholin, Derwent, Tasker


Anderson, Martel, Romanie

Welfare & Education

Andrews, Fytton

Land & Agriculture



Faithside. Travers, Hastings


Quinn, Key, Dunn