The Chronicle

of the month of Kruthos in the year 145

Investigations are continuing into the death of Witanmoot chef's wife after a disastrous start which resulted in three guardmembers undergoing intensive sobering up at the Torian Temple. Tracking the comings and goings of all the friends and staff members of the council buildings is obviously an arduous business, which the guard are treating with their usual due diligence. It is rumoured that suspicion has centred on the trade and consumption of certain unusual substances around the council chamber. It is not thought that these include the chef's range of exotic spices. Yet another rumour doing the rounds of the Witanmoot suggests that the investigation has been quietly dropped by Sheriff Dixon for political reasons.

Cllr Adam Avery has suffered a swift eviction from the family home following the exposure of his affair with a Priestess of Esprayenna. Rumours suggest that he returned from yet another evening out only to discover the door barred and his irate wife in no mood to negotiate. The councillor is now believed to be residing at a nearby inn. Cllr Avery's surpassingly indiscreet affair has been the source of much discussion throughout the city, and many people have begun to wonder just how many of his late night council duties were actually a cover for secret assignations. However, judging from the reaction of most of the people in his faction, these rumours seem to be unfounded. Arianne Pencric has been mumbling regrets that Avery is incapable of facing up to a duel and Alderman Ann Tasker is reported to be livid about Avery's "continuing irresponsibility" and its likely impact upon the election chances of other faction members. Only Osgeard Dunn voiced his support for his wayward colleague. "Having met the young lady myself, I can understand Adam's position" he said. The dockers and shippers of Avery's Portsoken ward also appear to be finding the incident amusing, so the wayward councillor may yet be returned to the Witanmoot.

Despite her continuing inability to mount anything approaching a successful campaign, Aralan Derwent's chances of gaining the Aldermanship of Berewic are improving. Her strong line against criminal activity has certainly gone down well with the majority of the population, and her recent aggressive (and apparently Witanmoot-supported) raiding of suspected criminals has done nothing to harm her reputation. However, some people have voiced concerns over her increasingly unpredictable activities. Sheriff Matthew Dixon, in a clear attempt to stop his ally going too far, has placed a watch on Faringdon to keep her away from important witnesses. Alderman Marcus Lambourne, who previously had no idea that he was in a target seat, is reputed to be extremely disconcerted.

The war of words between councillors Alan Monterey and William Trueman shows no signs of abating; Trueman having just launched a major campaign to "put the record straight". Cllr Trueman accused Monterey of having lost touch with the real world, and has been making it quite clear to everyone that without his and Avery's efforts the criminal Drumm would have escaped. This seems to have successfully turned the tide of opinion which was beginning to form against him and Avery. Cllr Monterey has mostly been steering away from the conflict and concentrating on campaigning. However he couldn't stop himself making one swipe back at the easier target of the struggling Avery, whom he described as bloodthirsty and usually responsible when things went wrong.

Complaints have been made to officers of the King's Navy about the vigour of their recruiting campaign now taking place throughout the city. The problem appears to be that it is rather too successful. Although many citizens may be pleased to see the docks and taverns cleared of their crowds of bored adolescents, it appears that some of the young men and women joining up are doing so without the permission of their legal guardian. Some cases have even included apprentices under indenture to influential craftmasters. So far all complaints seem to have been settled informally, but at least two major Guilds are reputed to be considering reprisals should more of their youngsters abscond.

A spokesperson for the Knight Marshall has confirmed recent rumours that a Noord negotiator is currently in residence at the Citadel. In a rare mood of elaboration he added that the Noordic envoy hoped to be allowed to address the Witanmoot and answer councillors' questions, once reasonable precautions for his personal safety were in place. Clearly dubious of the latter, the spokesperson declined to give further details of when this event might take place. It is thought unlikely that a civic ball will be held for the envoy.


This year's elections seem to indicate a return to stability for the city, if not yet prosperity, as many old names reclaimed their established positions. Miranda Andrews returns to her customary position as Alderman in Cartage, as does Douglas Du Bolay in Arpent and George Rimon in Faringdon. A three way fight took place in Avigon between oldster Suzan Faithside, youngster Samuel Rucche and Leonard Tholin. After a re-count it emerged that most citizens had compromised on cornmonger Leonard Tholin as the best choice for alderman. The returning Hahnite refused to comment on rumours that a substantial proportion of that ward insisted on voting for a dead criminal. As expected, the indiscretions of Adam Avery proved too much for Mary Hastings to defend, and Aralan Derwent returns to the Aldermanship. A solid campaign on top of a year of solid work (not to mention some wild parties) also saw Alan Monterey promoted to the Aldermanship of Levestone, where he will have some mollifying to do of his staunch supporter Martin Key. Elsewhere the controversial Bernard Hubold held on to his lead in the reconstructed Cripplegate ward, helped enormously by the continued absence of Alan Carter, the missing envoy to Nyskilde. The recently elevated broiderer Sharon Brehon also managed to hang on to her new post, despite a strong challenge from Philip Portman. Among the councillors William Trueman made a strong showing in his first re-election, and Adam Avery also managed retain his councillorship. Finally, the Chroniclers would like to welcome newcomer Ellana Cressoniere and looks forward to her first Witanmoot speech with interest.