The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 151

Linrodeth is safe from invasion and suffered no losses in the great battle fought on the last day of Setheran. King Edward is dead, King Kieran has withdrawn and both King Kieran and the new "Council of Regency for King Edmund II" have recognised Princess Selina's right to rule the Independent Principality of Linrodeth. The great armies of Linrodeth, King Kieran and King Edward met on Denley Moor, where the high road linking Linrodeth to Salvoyn meets the eastern drovers' road. Eyewitnesses report that King Edward's army consisted of over 4000 infantry, 1000 archers and 300 cavalry. Facing him was King Kieran's force of 2000 infantry, 1500 archers and 300 cavalry. As night fell both sides encamped to await reinforcements. In particular King Kieran hoped to be joined by the Clan Host of Eresan and a force of cavalry from Cascorach. However during the night it would appear that the two Kings met along with their bodyguards, and that King Edward was slain during a personal fight between the brothers. The following morning the vengeful forces of King Edward launched an all out assault on King Kieran's well fortified lines. The two great armies fought for most of the day. By nightfall the once massive Salvoynian army had broken itself against King Kieran's lines which buckled in several places but never quite gave way. By the following morning Linrodeth's forces, which had hitherto held off to one side, had advanced to a position where they could engage King Kieran's remaining force which had at last been reinforced by the Clan Host. A tense negotiation ensued. Princess Selina has recognised Kieran as High King of Athion and in return King Kieran agreed to recognise the Independent Principality of Linrodeth and withdraw his army from its lands. Significantly, the agreement allows Princess Selina to control taxes and levies raised by Linrodeth, and recognises the new lands held by the city since holding off the Noordic invaders. The decimated army of the Regency withdrew during the course of the negotiations, and is now being pursued by King Kieran's forces. The bulk of Linrodeth's army remains in the field for the time being.

Linrodeth has been celebrating almost continuously since the news arrived. Even supporters of King Edward, whilst shocked by his death, have welcomed the safe return of the unscathed army. Early responses from the Witanmoot have been ebullient. William Trueman described it as "about as good as a battle can be. Now we can look ahead to the future instead of worrying if we have one." The one person failing to make a verbal statement has been Alderman Petro Cutario, who has been too drunk in celebration to put together a coherent statement for the last three days. There have however been some questions over Princess Selina's use of the Witanmoot's £5000. This appears to have been spent on Noordic mercenaries, led by one Captain Ravensgrim, whose troops were responsible for the sack of a number of wards during the invasion of Linrodeth.

The debate of Sheriff Bowden's loyalty motion was as fractious and ill tempered as expected. Marcus Lambourne and Alan Monterey lead the attack. Cllr Lambourne proclaimed his outrage at the motion and pointed out that those who had chosen not to take the Oath had just as much interest in not seeing the city razed to the ground as anyone else. Backing him up Alderman Monterey suggested that the Witanmoot was unlikely to survive the election of a Sheriff who was almost as undemocratic as Lady Andrews. He berated his fellow councillors for even considering throwing out those they disagreed with and suggested that if the motion was passed then the Witanmoot should give up the pretence of being a democracy and simply hand over control to Lady Andrews. The motion was supported by Petro Cutario who described it as entirely reasonable in time of war to restrict debate. William Trueman, who later abstained, described the preservation of the city as more important that the preservation of democracy. Sheriff Bowden himself made an eloquent closing speech. "My intention is not to exclude these people from our democracy. But the oath they have not taken to take is a simple one. By their refusal they decree that they place their fealty to some other Cities, States or Kingdoms over their loyalty to Linrodeth. Those of us who have taken the Oath form the vast majority of this Council and of the Citizens of Linrodeth. Make no mistake, the true threat to our democracy comes not from this motion but from people who wish to see Linrodeth ruled by other interests." In the end the motion was narrowly defeated, with a large proportion of abstentions and little adherence to political groups both being prominent factors.