The Chronicle

of the month of Menderal in the year 151

King Edward's army has halted its advance on Linrodeth in response to what appears to be a major mobilisation by Princess Eleanor and King Kieran. Reports suggest that a large force of Cascorach troops has set forth and that cavalry are attempting to break out from Cascorach to engage King Edward's main force. King Kieran's forces are already reported to have descended the escarpment and are advancing cautiously towards Linrodeth. General Olvini has ordered a full mobilisation and forces have already been deployed outside the city to hold key approach routes. Lady Andrews has assured the city that she has no intention of permitting Linrodeth to become a battleground and the enemy will be faced before they reach the walls. As yet no call up of the full city muster has been planned, however, volunteers wishing to join the defence of the city are asked to report to the Citadel.

Within the Witanmoot debate has raged over what the city should do, with every debate overshadowed by the threat to the city. Lady Andrew's decision to decree the budget resulted in a heated debate, with many councillors complaining bitterly at the decision. All made the point that whilst the decision to fund the military was clearly a good idea given recent events, there was no need to issue a decree as the Witanmoot would of course have reconsidered the budget when it became necessary. In an impassioned speech Alan Monterey described Lady Andrews decree as wanton vandalism. In contrast Jim Bottler, whilst clearly angry, controlled any outburst and put across a reasoned argument against the use of decrees. Cllr Lambourne's motion that "Lady Andrew publish full accounts of the moneys appropriated for the defence of the city at the earliest opportunity", received a surprise response when Lady Andrews declared that she had that morning transferred all the money to General Olvini and what he did with it was up to him.

The Sheriffs elections resulted in a clear win for Bowden and Davy with Bowden actually gaining more votes than Jenny Davy. Both Sheriffs immediately declared their intention to defend the city against all invaders. Sheriff Bowden then stunned the Witanmoot by proposing that all members of the Witanmoot who had not taken the Oath of Loyalty be excluded from any discussions relating to the security of the city. "It is plain to me that certain people in this chamber are not loyal to the city and would happily see it overrun by the marauding armies of the Princes. The budget debate was a disgraceful example of this, with old chestnuts like sweetwater being funded whilst our defence was ignored. We cannot allow these people to imperil our future in this way. It is time for those of us who put the city first to take control of it."

The Witanmoot has announced a Midsummer Civic Ball in celebration of the birth of Prince Sikander, a move which has not been welcomed by the Lambourne Faction. Richard Saunders has called for a boycott of the civic ball, describing it as insensitive junket. Cllr Saunders proclaimed "The money saved from the absent councillors should be diverted to the Welfare and Education Budget". Marcus Lambourne himself has maintained a steady stream of criticism of Lady Andrews decree of the budget, describing Lady Andrews as "silencing the Witanmoot on a whim because she was not getting her own way". His faction has taken to the streets to campaign on the issue. The boycott campaign is clearly desperate not to offend Princess Selina and has issued a public letter congratulating the Princess on the birth of her son.

Unrest has broken out throughout the city as supporters of the various dissenting factions argue for the city to side with Kings Kieran or Edward. The response of the City Guard has been swift and merciless with all those involved being dragged off to prison. Those failing to reassure the Guard of their loyalty to the city have been incarcerated indefinitely. Cllrs Phillip Candever, Maureen Quiller and Estelle Wynstanly are included in those arrested. Colonel Aldridge has emphatically denied the rumours that mass executions of traitors are planned.

The imprisonment of Cllr Quiller gave extra intensity to the debate on the Motion that "Worshippers of Resh be prohibited from attempting to enter or reside in the City and Duchy of Linrodeth." After a technical amendment by the ever diligent Alderman Monterey, the full debate was opened by Lady Andrews who described in detail the foul practices of the Reshites and the need to keep them from the city. She was strongly supported by Jim Bottler and Alison Shefford who both spoke of the need to protect the city from its evil influence. Cllr Irvine Grendle then spoke up in support of the Reshites which he claimed were a unifying force for good. He claimed that the reports of Reshite Evil were a construct of Prince Kieran's and pointed out the dire consequence of offending King Edward. The debate was long and finally concluded over a discussion of the wisdom of outlawing Religions. A point which was soundly won by Olivia Warin who pointed out that the Cult of Azial has been outlawed by King Edmund. Despite a large number of abstentions the motion was carried by a good margin.

The extra month accorded to Alderman Petro Cutario to explain his ideas for the trade budget does not appear to have helped his cause much. Although several councillors did stand up to explain that they now understood the concept and could see that it might have merit, the motion to prevent him from placing the work out to tender was clearly passed. The proposal being most eloquently argued by a clearly outraged and appalled Alderman Monterey. Alderman Petro Cutario clearly expects that his Shipping plans will suffer a similar fate. Judging by the number of happy Shipwrights in the city and, the feverish work now underway across the river, he would appear to have already spent the entire Shipping budget. Hard working Alan Monterey continues to hold the city together making sure the budgets are sorted out, meetings happen etc. Nobody seems willing to tell him his faction no longer controls the city. However his attempts to submit a Sheriffs budget were frustrated by Lady Andrews, who is clearly not in a mood to have her authority challenged.

Late News! Late News! Late News!

Despite a small protest in the street outside, and an apparently impromptu move to the Citadel to see the young Prince, the Civic Ball was clearly a great success. Amongst the many things which happened William Trueman announced his marriage to Lady Terasio, an event which took place immediately much to the delight of the assembled councillors. Alderman Trueman later told the Chronicle "I'm in love with her and wanted to marry on Midsummer. She's wonderful and I couldn't wait a whole year. Anyway I suspect we will all be busy in the near future." Alderman Trueman's pre-battle marriage appears to have sparked a trend with many young lovers deciding to marry immediately. Several Temples have begun a booking system for the service.