The Chronicle

of the month of Setheran in the year 146

Alderman Alice Fytton of the Ward of Dowgate has formally tabled a motion of censure against Lord Dixon demanding that he be placed on trail for gross misconduct. Alderman Fytton told the Chronicle "Lord Dixon's association with the criminals in the Floating Market has always been a concern to us in Dowgate, but we never dreamed he would use the Witanmoot Guard to support one of the crimelords. I have it on very reliable information that twenty members of the guard led by Major Aldridge himself without the knowledge of the Sheriffs, assisted the alien Solistel and Babel in an unprovoked attack upon the Cursos. This is an astounding abuse of power for which he must be held to account." A different view of the incident has been put forward by Guard who claim that the assault was in response to a raid by the slum upon the Witanmoot which resulted in the death of a number of guards and the theft of important documents. Unfortunately this has not been seen as an adequate reason by many riverside wards, most of whom have now had to impose a curfew to try and contain the violence after several groups of foreign scum began using the streets for night-time manoeuvres and skirmishes. Seconding the motion, Alderman Gibian Horl stated that, "I don't care why it's been done, the point is that by this irresponsible action Lord Dixon had destabilised the entire dockside", Richard Saunders added "I've heard rumours that Dixon has had personal meetings with the leaders of the Floating Market and also that Cllr Edge has been acting as a go between. It's even been alleged that this raid was the pay off for funding his election campaign."

Fighting continues this week in the Floating Market with fires and shifting boats throughout the upriver section. The allegiances of the scum are difficult to understand, but citizens watching from the bridge report that there are some half-dozen yellow or pink floaters appearing for each brown or green. An early lead in pink 'uns has now been overtaken by the number of yellows. Cllr Parkinson is believed to be organising an emergency shift of garbage boats to ensure that the shipping lanes and wharvesides are undisturbed.

Sheriff Shefford has been having a month of indifferent success with the inhabitants of the Bards' College. The boundary stone was duly returned, conspicuously clean, and re-installed under Widow Kele's watchful eye. However the good sheriff has had cause to arrest several students and citizens for inciting more violence on the river. Apparently the accurate launching of small fire boats towards the slum has become something of an evening pastime in her ward. An even more trying night, spent with the Guard holding the top of the wall against both Dowgate and aliens, was not improved by returning home in the morning to find some £60 of jewellery and small valuables stolen from her Castle Bard home.

Despite, or perhaps because of the wards disturbances, the post of replacement alderman has been hotly contested with Sue Quinn, Bever Edge and Vanessa St Lawrence all being nominated for the post. Robert Beaureli has been nominated to the post of Kingsgate alderman unopposed. Rimon and Pencric have both been nominated to fill the vacant Treasurer post, and a brief re-appearance by Aralan Derwent produced the nomination of Travers as the next Nyskilde envoy. The 'impetuous filly' appears to have been reinvigorated by her sea voyage, appearing at the Witanmoot only long enough to make an impassioned speech to the Witanmoot, to propose a new envoy plus £100 more for the Trade budget, and to spring her household from gaol, before vanishing in the direction of Faringdon. In the stunned silence following this apparition, Lord Dixon smoothly re-introduced his land bill tax.

Elsewhere in the Witanmoot corridors Lady Perignon has successfully added Sue Quinn to her entourage, amid keen competition from at least two other factions. A slightly glassy eyed Cllr Avery is being enlightened by Gax the Heretic, presumably not in an attempt to improve his mind but as an indirect introduction to Gax's wealthy benefactor, Vanessa St Lawrence. A determined attempt by William Trueman to woo Alderman Brehon into his faction was terminally disrupted by the re-appearance of Alderman Derwent and her account of the Nyskilde problems. The Tapissers & Broiderers Guild has been working frantically since receiving Aralan's news and it seems that at least one guild ship will be ignoring His Majesty's recommendations by hauling a non-food cargo up to the devastated city. Alderman Derwent's ship also returned with the coffin of Envoy Alan Carter. A full state funeral will be held early next month.