The Chronicle

of the month of Arvinoth in the year 146

The state funeral of envoy Alan Carter has taken place in the presence of almost the entire Witanmoot. The pyre was lit by the late envoy's young daughter after moving eulogies from many of the leading members of the Witanmoot. Hundreds of ordinary citizens also turned out on the fine autumn day to pay their last respects to a man who had served the city so well for so long. It is understood that, in a personal show of sympathy and thanks, Lord Dixon has offered to take the two younger Carters into his own household. An act which has led Evan Carter to drop his proposed court action. Lady Beatrice Perignon also took the time to attend, and delivered an abundant and spectacular tribute of flowers. Cllr Avery's tribute was slightly less auspicious since he managed to singe himself on the embers on the way past. It was, however, rather more adept than the absent Monterey and Trueman, who attended most of a nearby funeral for an elderly Knight before realising their mistake. The formal procession of the Witanmoot back into the city provided a brief interlude of dignity and grandeur.

Once back in session our beloved leaders attacked the continuing problem caused by the Floating Market rioters and the dispute over the alleged personal involvement of Lord Dixon in the crimelord wars. After a prolonged, acrimonious and very noisy debate, the Witanmoot voted by 62 votes to 48 against the motion of censure and arrest of Lord Dixon, with a noticeable 129 abstentions. A return motion by Lord Dixon to censure Alderman Fytton for "not preventing members of her ward from attacking the Castle Bard watch" was attacked as "outrageously untrue" by a choleric Alderman Fytton. She went on to add quite a few more things about the Lord's opinions and ancestry under the legal protection of Witanmoot privilege, and Dixon's motion fell by 41 votes to 198. It was, perhaps, rather unfortunate that Lord Dixon chose this point to re-introduce his land tax bill which, despite vocal support from Alderman Monterey, went on to be defeated by 87 votes to 128 in a snap vote whose legality will have to be ruled on. A second Dixon bill, for another £100 on the trade budget, was referred to next month's session. At this point the agenda returned to the problems on the riverfront with a motion from Cllr Avery:

“There is enormous potential for major damage to ships anchored in the river caused by fireboats released in the hope of hitting the Floating Market. We welcome the Castle Bard watch's vigilance in this matter, and encourage then to take whatever action necessary, up to and including bowfire, to stop this grossly irresponsible behaviour. This city can have no tolerance for arsonists."

This was passed nem com. The chamber then turned its attention to internal appointments, electing Janice Travers as envoy to Nyskilde, and George Rimon as Treasurer. The hotly contested post of Alderman for Castle Bard was resolved as follows: Sue Quinn 131; Bever Edge 58; Vanessa St Lawrence 53.

Outside the Witanmoot the streets of Linrodeth near the river maintain an uneasy, watchful truce during the daytime, but become almost completely empty of an evening as the ward watches continue to attempt to enforce a curfew. This appears to be having little impact on the Floating Market, where fighting continues each night, but has turned the port into an unusually silent place, much to the dismay of many taverns and eateries. Traders are predicting an early start to the winter hiatus this year, despite the unusually warm autumn weather.

The Dalethian Wellkeeper has confirmed rumours of a record crop of corn due to be harvested over the next few weeks. Shinannon notes that the new seed grain, combined with extremely favourable weather, is now proving its worth after several years of disappointing results caused by freak conditions. The Chroniclers look forward to a Higharvestide of rare celebration.

Lady Beatrice Perignon has been having a busy social time this month, entertaining members of her faction at the Citadel, in the company of Lady Amelia and Sheriff Shefford. This can only mean that she has not yet heard the latest hot rumour from Levestone about young Julia's pregnancy, or she would surely be down there investigating personally.