The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 154

Princess Selina has made a full recovery and made a marvellous speech of thanks to the city. She was particularly grateful for all the prayers that had been said, giving some weight to the rumours that her illness was not entirely natural. The celebration was attended by King Kieran, who thanked Linrodeth for its hospitality and for the warmth of the welcome he had received. The King, who will depart the city within the next few days, also commented on the progress Linrodeth had made during the civil war and how pleased he was to have the Princess as an ally. The King also commented on the evil of the misguided LFF; "Let everyone be sure these people are as much my enemies as they are yours. Princess Selina is the rightful ruler of Linrodeth. As High King of Athion any attack upon her is also an attack upon me."

The arrest and trial of a number of Alderman threw the Witanmoot into something of a quandary, not to mention panic. Various people made attempts to suggest how the situation could be resolved. But with the Lords elections coming up the potential for new Aldermen to changing the outcome ensured that none of these solutions was universally acceptable. Many pointed out that the practice of the Aldermanic court to co-opt replacements worked and didn't need changing. However gaining most support was Alan Monterey's suggestion that Lady Andrews decree "that the councillors polling the second highest number of votes at the last Midwinter elections in the wards whose Aldermen have been arrested should serve as acting Aldermen in those wards. With elections following if they were convicted". However Lady Andrews was not comfortable with this, decrees not being something she has favoured doing and also with the implication that the arrested Aldermen had already lost their posts. However in the end, commenting that she felt that "because the Aldermen are going to be representing their wards for most of the year, the people deserve to choose their own leaders" she declared, "that should any of the arrested Aldermen be found guilty of treason then they shall be immediately stripped of their rank and full elections for a replacement Alderman be held as soon as practical in the affected wards". In accordance with this decree elections will be held on Tenthday Jasmarill in the wards of Cripplegate and Shambles.

The new Mercers gate in Portwall has, much to Jim Bottlers relief, been completed on time. The monstrosity, for which many a more derogatory names have already been proposed, was formally opened by Guildmaster Duncan Barnet on Lastday Pipetal. Commenting that it had required a huge effort from the various construction guilds to achieve this marvellous feat of engineering, he expressed his hope that they would be suitably recompensed for their exertions.

Ships have started to arrive in port bringing news from afar. Surprisingly little appears to have happened over the Winter with no major changes reported from foreign cities. King Ravensgrim has consolidated his hold on the devastated Western Isles, whilst to the South the there are reported increases in pirate activity, particularly by displaced Noord. A squadron of Navy ships has already sailed to secure our trade routes against this threat. The election contests in Cripplegate and Shambles have already begun to heat up. In Shambles Ralf Seagrim has accused Marie Cripstead of unseemly campaigning before Alderman Belcher has been found guilty whilst in Cripplegate the contest between known Reshite Irvine Grendle and ex-Lambourne faction member Janice Travers looks particularly unattractive.

Late News! Late News! Late News! Late News! Late News!

Several distinguished members of the Witanmoot have been found guilty of belonging to the seditious sect know as the LFF, and have been executed for high treason. Bernard Hubold, Marcus Lambourne, Bert Belcher, William Scrut, Estelle Wynstanly, Jean Pendleton and seven other conspirators were all found guilty by a special court presided over by His Majesty King Kieran and Her Highness Princess Selina. The executions took place immediately after the trial within the closed courtyard of the inner Citadel. The heads of the traitors now adorn the Citadel gates. Other members of the Lambourne faction, including Alderman Nicholas Worton, were found not guilty and released. It has been confirmed that the Citadel Guards foiled a desperate rescue attempt in which the remaining LFF fugitives were captured.

In the aftermath of the executions of two Aldermen, the Lordship election was expected to be a somewhat subdued affair. Hoping to get it out of the way most Alderman chose to vote early and it was therefore obvious by mid-morning that the vote was going to be very close. The Trueman faction had thrown its weight behind Nicholas Bowden whilst Monterey was backing Jenny Davy. By midday things had reached a fever pitch with 20 votes cast and the vote split 10/10. Only Judi Spich and Nicholas Worton remained to vote. Alderman Worton voted first; commenting on how pleased he had been by the professionalism with which Jenny Davy had carried out the Lambourne investigation and subsequent trial, he voted for her. Alderman Spich voted immediately thereafter for Bowden, drawing the contest at 11 each. The Witanmoot clerks informed Lady Andrews who was at the time officiating at a naming ceremony, that she needed to use her casting vote. With her usual style a delighted Lady Andrews promised them that she would get round to it some time before midnight.