The Chronicle

of the month of Jasmarill in the year 154

Jenny Davy has been invested as the new Lord of the City. Lady Andrews cast her deciding vote for Jenny in the closing minutes of Springtide, surprisingly voting against the previous line of the Trueman faction. Whilst she has resisted commenting upon her reasons, many people in the Witanmoot are drawing the conclusion that the suddenly frosty relationship between Alan Monterey and Jim Bottler confirms the rumour that Alan Monterey made a last minute and decisive intervention on behalf of Jenny Davy.

Lady Davy's inauguration ball took on special significance as the last public occasion for High King Kieran before he left the city. Lady Davy used the excuse to throw a lavish event reminiscent of old times. Indeed she and many of the Witanmoot and Citadel openly expressed the view that a new era was dawning for Linrodeth. Princess Selina herself proclaimed during a brief speech that "With my recovery, the defeat of the Noord threat, the election of a new Lord and the firm establishment of our alliance with King Kieran, and now the destruction of the evil traitor Marcus Lambourn, a new time is coming for Linrodeth." However most eyes were not upon the politics but rather upon King Kieran and Princess Selina. The two leaders, who are rumoured to have become close during their time together, seemed keen to keep their attentions to each other formal. But they could not hide the pleasure they took in dancing together, giving hope to the many well wishers who see this as the perfect match. King Kieran himself thanked the people of Linrodeth and in particular the Princess for their kindness and the warmth of their hospitality. "In my youth I spent many a happy day in Linrodeth, my father's capital city. Now as King of Athion I am delighted to see that the city is still prospering despite the many threats to its future"

Lady Davy has already shown herself to be a strong and determined leader. Following on from her discovery of the Lambourne plot, she argued vehemently in the Witanmoot for the establishment of a "Witanmoot Investigation Organization" which would be capable of undertaking investigations into possible malpractice by Councillors and actions of Treason against the city. This proposal gained almost unanimous support from the collective councillors with only a few dissenting voices raising concerns about the potential conflict with the Citadel and the role of Colonel Aldridge.

The elections for the replacement Aldermen led to an unambiguous and devastating defeat for Janice Travers who received only 22 votes compared to Irvine Grendle's 327. Demonstrating that the people are unwilling to forgive those associated with Marcus Lambourne, the once popular Travers would have, in a normal election, lost her seat on the Wardmoot with this poor a vote. Following the defeat the stoic Travers announced her intention to make a new start by joining the Monterey faction. In Shambles the victory was less emphatic, but Marie Cripstead still achieved a clean win over Ralf Seagrim whose association with Bert Belcher clearly damaged him.

The budget process appeared to be carrying on quietly until the intervention of Jim Bottler. No amendments were proposed to the main budget split and hence this should pass cleanly next month. However Bottler has proposed that within the Committee budgets the donations to the temples all be £500 with extra spending on building maintenance, alms houses and dock maintenance coming from the consequent reduction in payments to Brynette, Esprayenna and Torus. The only other change is that the trade budget shows a shift from the previous focus on Shipping with the suggestion that £1500 be spent of road building. A proposal which has apparently not gone down well at the Citadel despite much lobbying.