The Chronicle

of the month of Pipetal in the year 146

The King's Navy has become the focus of frantic activity as it prepares to move out once the river thaws. Substantial quantities of provisions have been ordered from the city guilds, and most are being delivered via a steady stream of wagons moving down the cleared road. However, the captains are having some trouble with the supply of other items which have been ordered through the Mercers and Grossers Guilds. These guilds claim to have the goods ready, but are apparently unable to pinpoint their exact location. The 'mislaid' goods appear to be related to the problem of the 'missing' indentured apprentices which Navy has had so much trouble locating. An impatient Admiral Greystoke has publicly declared that he will commander all the harbour warehouse goods rather than allow the fleet to be delayed. However, rumours reaching the Chroniclers suggest that confidential negotiations are proceeding apace. Meanwhile the esteemed Noordic envoy is packing in order to accompany the Admiral. Speculation that a certain Noordic-speaking sheriff might again be packed off to Nyskilde at short notice was stopped after the Citadel issued an official disclaimer.

This year's budget looks set to become an undignified scramble for slush funds even as our councillors attempt to deflect the blame for last years overspend. Cllr Monterey's proposal that the excess prison charges be met from surplus looked to be passed without comment until news arrived that the Docks project had also overspent. A revitalised Cllr Avery attempted to distract attention from the latter; "As I have commented in the past, this City's policy of jailing debtors is shortsighted, expensive and counter-productive as an imprisoned debtor can never work to pay off the debt. I wonder how much of the £57 overspend on behalf of Law & Order is due to imprisoning debtors? This lunacy must stop. While the Council's mind focused on this overspend, I would like to propose the following motion for consideration and voting next month:

"That, in cases of debt brought before Aldermanic Courts where the debtor is an inhabitant of the City, the Alderman presiding shall give full and formal consideration to repayment schemes not involving the imprisonment of the debtor and that any sentence involving imprisonment of the debtor shall be accompanied by a detailed description of why no repayment scheme was considered viable. However, we have not learnt this lesson fast enough, and £57 must be found. I urge the Council to vote for the payment of this money from reserves." The Council agreed and authorised the payment from surplus on the nod.

Business then moved on to the matter of the Docks, where it emerged that the extra £82 for the docks comes from the increased cost of the seasoned hardwood in the wake of the re-fitting of the King's Navy. The Carpenters Guild have submitted the bill to the Council since it is in excess of the budget for this project last year. No-one else has yet authorised the spend. Alderman Shefford, with evident reluctance, has proposed that the excess is paid from surplus. She also took the opportunity to announce the main budget proposals will take place during Jasmarill in order to "respond appropriately to the outcome of the Lordship elections".

Citizens have been warned to be on their guard following a sharp increase in the number of muggings in the ward of Ishtan. "It's clearly the work of an organised gang" commented Alderman Eliott Anderson, "and the watch will get them in the end". Alderman Anderson denied rumours that the watch had been paid off the muggers; "there was one unfortunate incident where the watch failed to respond effectively to a hue and cry. However I have looked into the matter and it was an unavoidable effect of the circumstances in which they found themselves." he said. Sheriff Griffiths commented, "These muggings are another facet of the spread of crime into the city. Following the fire many criminals from the floating market found new homes in the city, and new crime gangs have sprouted up from the ashes of the burn out wards. As Sheriff I put the safety of the people of Linrodeth first and I will make the suppression of this crime wave my highest priority."


The annual flowerfest and dancing were rudely interrupted this year with the arrival in all wards of the Perignon bandwagons, strolling minstrels and election bunting. Onlookers expecting a free show were somewhat confused by the vigorous exhortations to get along to the Mootstone without delay. Those curious enough to obey joined a record throng gathered to hear Sheriff Matthew Dixon embark on an uncharacteristic epic speech:

"People of Linrodeth, hear me speak, for shortly your aldermen will be voting on who should be the next Lord of the City. It is right, therefore, for me to share my beliefs with you so that you might advise your aldermen on your opinions and considered viewpoints."

"I believe that this city is beautiful. Not just the Temples, not just the Witanmoot, but the whole city, from its mansions to the lowliest hovel, from the heights of Faringdon to the depths of the river, from the Citadel to Castle Bard."

"I believe this city has earned, is earning, and will to continue to earn its rightful place in history. There has been a city here for hundreds of years. During the civil war we were the base of the King's operations and now we are the Capital."

"But most of all, I believe in this city. Not the buildings, not its history, but its people. And I don't mean only the Aldermen and the Councillors, but every one who lives in this great city of ours."

"This election is not about the past, nor even the present, it is about the future. Do we want to live in a future where we lose our dignity and pride, a city where thieves and murderers prosper? a city which can't be bothered to protect itself from marauders, can't even become roused to save itself from fire, a city which relies on the throne to save it?"

"Or do we want a city which protects its citizens from injustice, both from without and from within, a city which can help the throne, a city of which we can be proud?"

"'But there are no threats!' I hear you cry. Baahh! I'll bet that's what the people of Nyskilde said before their city was attacked by Renegade Noord led by an ambitious prince. And now they are forced to ask the King for aid in restoring their freedoms!"

"How would Linrodeth have faired if they had attacked us?"

"Badly! Oh, we would have defeated them what with Witanmoot Guard, the untried Marching Watch and the regiments at the Citadel. But, at what cost? The invaders would have entered the city within hours due to the incomplete city walls and levelled the city. Your home, my home, indeed everyone's home would go in a conflagration that would make the fire seem like a minor backyard bonfire!"

"I hear some of you blaming the floating market for this situation. HAH. The floating market is next to one of the best sections of the wall, and it is my belief that without them, the invaders would be inside the city within minutes. With them, Dowgate and the upriver wards would be protected."

"The future can be secure and prosperous, but we must work to achieve this. I have several plans that I believe will bring that secure future closer to us all."

"Firstly, I will work to complete the city walls. I will act to ensure that all inhabitants of this city feel that they are a part of this city."

"I will act to bring up the training levels of the Marching Watch. Since the civil war the Marching Watch has been called up exactly once – to fight the fire. I intend to call up the Marching Watch annually and have it train for one day in that year."

"We need to complete the rebuilding of the wards so badly affected by the fire."

"I will act, to protect this city and lead it into a bright new future. Thank you."

The crowd broke into wild applause which may have had much to do with the presence nearby of his self-appointed campaign manager surveying the results of her work. Later in the day, Matthew Dixon was elected to the post of Lord Chief Magistrate nem com.